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  1. Late week system non-existent for wintry hopes this weekend?
  2. Let the fun begin! Good signs for this early in the season but we all know that doesn't necessarily mean anything. The buzz is in the air, though.
  3. Hey Chuck, any afternoon updates that you're seeing?
  4. The Euro has the heavy snow line about 30 miles north of me lol I know, I know, it's early but these are still good signs we have a chance!
  5. Feed me ensembles! Nom nom nom
  6. Is that a typo for October 31st?
  7. If it's anything like the last powerful cold front we had where the temps dropped 15 degrees in like 30 minutes, I say yes. That was a VERY fast transition, just wrong timing. Seems like this front will also be robust. Really hoping this neutral El Nino/La Nina pattern year will bring us the winter we got robbed of last year.
  8. Ahh thank you for the clarification. That explains as to why I was scratching my head lol. Hoping for snow but my wife is not! lol
  9. I'm a little confused on the upcoming events. We're looking at a cold chasing rain event possibly in North GA Monday night into Tuesday, and then potentially watching a low tracking low possibly bring a "storm" late next week? Have I got this correct on what we're watching? Two separate events?
  10. Hoping for a turn north! More rain, the better!
  11. May have had a brief spin up, funnel west of Blue Ridge. Had some power flashes as it peaked in tightness. I can't share the velocity gif I captured, file too large.
  12. 12:25am and man, there are numerous strong tornadoes crossing over into Alabama right now... I really hope this weakens before it gets to our area. Storms have not initiated near the Gulf, so no cut off of energy yet...
  13. That's exactly what I see. The ingredients are ripe during that exact timing...peak day time heating. I don't think the morning band will be too strong for us here in Blue Ridge, but that second one just may be. Luckily, much less of a tornado threat with that line.
  14. No real threat at this time in my unprofessional opinion
  15. Atlanta holding out on the afternoon AFD?
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