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  1. Where did you get that shirt? I want one lol
  2. The line chased us back home from Gadsden, I underestimated the speed at which the line was moving and saw some considerable wind damage along the way. Clocked winds at over 70 at one point, as we were trying to get out of the core. That was a helluva QLCS! Back home safe in Blue Ridge.
  3. Doing a little storm chasing today, headed to Gadsden, AL. Stay safe everyone.
  4. Wow... Still nothing here in Blue Ridge. Not even a breeze yet..
  5. I've finally got a VERY fine misting snow north of Blue Ridge by about 3 miles from what hasn't finally dried up before it got here. The Hi Res is looking more and more accurate. Fannin county is cursed, dries right up lol grrr. They did just release a 2 hour delay for the schools in the morning here.
  6. #teamblueridge! Hi-res model shows Blue Ridge getting nothing though which is worrisome
  7. Is it just me or are the temps dropping faster than forecasted? Radar trends to our west are looking promising as well. Fingers crossed still lol.
  8. What are the increments in which the NAM's run?
  9. Let's all remember 2 years ago today lol this was NE of Mineral Bluff in Fanning County.
  10. The GFS is now also saying hello.. oof.
  11. I'm not the pro here, but I certainly see a "chance".
  12. Too far out for any ensembles to mean anything?
  13. I may be misguided, but it's almost as if he doesn't realize the scope and viral ability of the things he posts. Like he expects people to understand that because this is a ways out, not to get crazy. Then his post gets shared 13k times and everyone goes bonkers. It gets tiring screaming **THIS IS NOT A FORECAST**
  14. I went ahead and made a Home Depot run lol I won't be caught with my pants down once the unaware become aware lol
  15. Isn't this the same setup that surprised everyone almost exactly two years ago, I believe on December 10th? Forecasted to be a dusting - 1" and ended up getting 6-8"?
  16. I've had two dreams recently of a big snow storm. That's got to mean something lol I'll be sure to share some pics from Blue Ridge if it pans out!
  17. Late week system non-existent for wintry hopes this weekend?
  18. Let the fun begin! Good signs for this early in the season but we all know that doesn't necessarily mean anything. The buzz is in the air, though.
  19. Hey Chuck, any afternoon updates that you're seeing?
  20. The Euro has the heavy snow line about 30 miles north of me lol I know, I know, it's early but these are still good signs we have a chance!
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