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  1. Any update on expected wind gusts or are we still just looking at breezy conditions if anything?
  2. I LOVED the breeze last time! Fingers crossed for power lol
  3. Can I expect breezy conditions this evening at about 2,500 ft in the mountains?
  4. The weather channel just showed a graphic where far N GA could see some.pretty high wind guest Friday into Saturday. That's interesting.
  5. We're due for a depression up here, it's been awhile.
  6. Also, just excited to share with this community of weather geeks, I'll be going to Penn State this fall to get an undergraduate Certificate in weather forecasting! Can't wait to understand weather on a much deeper level!
  7. Steve, do you think this cluster of storms about to move through my area (Just north of Blue Ridge) will impact the severe potential later with the possible QLCS? Short term models don't seem like they're picking up on that system very well. Do you also think there is even a chance it digs south enough to clip extreme N. GA?
  8. Great to have you back! What a spectacular view! I'm jealous lol
  9. Not at this time. It's still truckin'
  10. There is less confidence there will be any severe weather so the simply reduced the threat level on the Outlook. Good news for us!
  11. That's not a good sign. We've been "lucky" to miss peak heating for the last few severe events, this one finally looks to get us during the day instead of 2am. At least for my location.
  12. What about the line just entering Mississippi again? Hi-res has it fizzling out before it gets here. Accurate?
  13. Also, hi-res model just shows one line coming through late tonight but that doesn't seem to accurately represent what is going on, especially with some of the storm development far to our west
  14. Think they might extend the tornado watch just issued past 11pm?
  15. Hi-res showing a possible strong QLCS moving into N. Georgia overnight around 2am. Ugh.
  16. Won't all the rain ahead of the main event work to stabilize the environment therefore reducing the CAPE which would choke off the main ingredients for a severe outbreak, especially in North Georgia where it will also be in the middle of the night so any diurnal energy would be gone, too. Or is something else going to feed the severe threat into the night?
  17. That is frightening to say the least. I started thinking about how to prepare to respond to help a community nearby if impacted by a tornado, but then we have to worry about Covid-19. This isn't going to play out well.
  18. Looking forward to tomorrow mornings update! See ya then!
  19. Wow. Winter Storm Warning just issued for Fannin and a few others. At 3:07 am.
  20. Almost every time over the past few weeks the system has over achieved and arrived earlier than most short models indicated, especially with both recent severe systems. Also, even with the NAM rolling back a smidge, some of the others have grown. If I were a betting man, I would risk saying I think this system will over achieve. I'm in Blue Ridge, so obviously in a higher elevation so I can't speak for everyone. But I think 2-4 inches is likely for us. This reminds me a lot of two years ago like everyone else has mentioned, where we got 10 inches. I don't think THAT is going to happen, but I d
  21. How much snow you think? Looked to be darker blue on the NAM.
  22. Where did you get that shirt? I want one lol
  23. The line chased us back home from Gadsden, I underestimated the speed at which the line was moving and saw some considerable wind damage along the way. Clocked winds at over 70 at one point, as we were trying to get out of the core. That was a helluva QLCS! Back home safe in Blue Ridge.
  24. Doing a little storm chasing today, headed to Gadsden, AL. Stay safe everyone.
  25. Wow... Still nothing here in Blue Ridge. Not even a breeze yet..
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