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  1. I'm a little confused on the upcoming events. We're looking at a cold chasing rain event possibly in North GA Monday night into Tuesday, and then potentially watching a low tracking low possibly bring a "storm" late next week? Have I got this correct on what we're watching? Two separate events?
  2. Hoping for a turn north! More rain, the better!
  3. May have had a brief spin up, funnel west of Blue Ridge. Had some power flashes as it peaked in tightness. I can't share the velocity gif I captured, file too large.
  4. 12:25am and man, there are numerous strong tornadoes crossing over into Alabama right now... I really hope this weakens before it gets to our area. Storms have not initiated near the Gulf, so no cut off of energy yet...
  5. That's exactly what I see. The ingredients are ripe during that exact timing...peak day time heating. I don't think the morning band will be too strong for us here in Blue Ridge, but that second one just may be. Luckily, much less of a tornado threat with that line.
  6. 3km NAM finally generated lol Looks to me N GA could get in it a little bit at least. Perimeters not quite as impressive as farther south into central GA but CAPE looks doable and if we get any sun through the clouds creating some decent instability...definitely worth watching. Not going to be able to sleep tonight lol.
  7. I will be traveling down there tomorrow, I'll share photo's and information as I obtain it.
  8. If it's not going to snow, at least it's enjoyable weather. Could be 40's and rain lol
  9. HRRR with the good stuff for everyone! 11 hours and not done running. But hey-oh!
  10. Will it catch up? Big ole blue hues of that arctic air streaking in Paducah, Kentucky. Hope that cold air is east bound and down. See y'all in the morning.
  11. Okay. Newer HRRR and NAM again play a favorable chance. My wife went to sleep without me lol can't stop flipping between forum, close range models, and RadarScope. Ugh. I sure hope I have a snow day tomorrow because I'm sure I'll stay up too late.
  12. The new HRRR just told me to go to bed lol not a flake from the former honey hole of Fannin. Looks like the moisture might completely miss North Georgia except for metro Atlanta. Looks like they're still in the game called snow lol
  13. Sure is! HRRR still not picking up this moisture ahead of the front. I'm determined this is a good sign lol
  14. That's kind of what I thought. That can't be the front we're waiting for over western Tennessee already is it?
  15. Yes, and very accurate I've come to find. But what about the hydrometer scan thing. That's the tool I'm unfamiliar with lol.
  16. Oh I know it isn't snowing. That's why I wanted to know what the instrument measures. I don't use these tools chasing storms lol.
  17. Sorry to blow up the feed, but wanted to share this as well in conjunction with the other images. Looks like a very light sprinkle. But it intrigues me this wasn't picked up. What else isn't getting noticed?
  18. I don't understand what the bottom instrument is and what it really means. (blue color indicates dry snow on bar)
  19. Why didn't this show up on the HRRR or NAM? Seems likes it's actually getting juicier and hitting the ground. How might this affect things going forward?
  20. If it counts for anything, you can feel it in the air here in Blue Ridge. Being from Michigan, these spidey senses are strong lol. We'll see. When the NWS starts canceling advisories and warnings, I'll throw in the towel.
  21. Closings will start to roll in.... https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/minute-by-minute-atlanta-public-schools-closed-tuesday-ahead-of-snow-mix/911083400?fbclid=IwAR3gR7F1XZumAYTnZHDeWamAuiXQud1KWqdsoXuqCRwHPxB32GRrVNzEIXA
  22. Looks like warning's/advisory's will be issued first part of the afternoon per NWS ATL
  23. Going to get our sleds after dinner. Looks like we're in the honey hole for this event here in Blue Ridge. Now let's keep these snow accumulation trends going up for everyone!
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