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  1. Usually when it's that cold in northern Michigan (where I am from), you can't smell anything at all because it's so cold! But I can say that yes, the air has a certain scent when it's that cold, I just never knew it may have been ozone or if it even is. That I don't know. It kind of smells like "the ultimate fresh air" and pain. lol
  2. Alright, lets see some ensembles and graphics lol
  3. It's snowing lightly in Blue Ridge right now. Is it greedy of me to want more, heavier, and faster?! lol EDIT* It was just a very small passing patch. Just like that, it's gone lol
  4. Talk to me within 3 days of any given event. The last 3 weeks have proven nothing means anything until we're close range.
  5. The only glazing I like to hear about are my doughnuts tomorrow morning. 40 degrees and back peddling already and a dew point of 22 here in Blue Ridge.
  6. I bet Brad Nitz of WSBTV on Twitter that it would snow 10 inches in Fannin county on January 24th, 13 days in advance. If even 2 flakes fly, at least I won't be dead wrong lol
  7. Both the GFS and FV3 are showing snow for North Georgia exactly 48 hours from now, but it will be light with the cold air chasing. I don't care if no accumulations, just want some flakes flying!
  8. This is the best North Georgia specific weather forum I've found. Very knowledgable folks and legitimate information in a class room like setting where everyone no matter experience can chime in and ask questions with no judgement. This past Saturday night I had company over and found myself frequenting this site. My buddies saw some of the complicated weather nerd graphics we share here and didn't understand why I'm so obsessed lol I feel like it's a family over here!
  9. I saw that as well and instantly went into cooling my jets mode lol
  10. Such is the norm lol what fun would it be if we knew EXACTLY what the weather would be on any given day, 10 days from now?!
  11. IT'S MY WEATHER AND I WANT IT NOW!! (JG Wentworth money commercial lol)
  12. We still have time to re-trend the right way lol I'm just trying to stay optimistic I assume the ensembles are also back peddling?
  13. Also interesting and worthy of some monitoring.
  14. The Weather Channel is starting some conversation about this weekend's setup also. Keep it coming.....
  15. Totality starts at 11:41 but darkest shadow will be at 12:12am
  16. It's snowing in Fannin! Big fat flakes inbetween sleet. Woot! Temperatures dropped from 57° to 36° in 7 hours!
  17. Everybody settle down! We have to be pessimistic for this to work 😏
  18. THIS IS SO NIIIIIICE! -Neighboring Blue Ridge
  19. A little late to the party, but I strongly suggest everyone get RadarScope. It's the real deal! Real time ACTUAL radar that's not color coded to give you the "gist" of what's happening. Correlation coeffiency to digital vertically integrated liquid, it has everything! Even the free version is a 10/10 for me. I pay for tier 2 and it's amazing! I dont pay for many weather tools, but that is one I'll gladly pay for. (I'd pay for this one, too) I'm not very knowledgeable on the dynamics of winter weather, (ironically enough being from Michigan) but come summer storms I rely solely on RadarScope. But anyway, let's get some snow!
  20. 15 out of 21 are promising for a snow wisher (at least in extreme N GA). Everything is looking good! P.S. My wife and I are from Michigan. We only want ONE big storm and then we've had enough snow lol. Also, our tires are due for an upgrade. All this winter weather wishing might come back to bite me in the butt lol. A quick thank you to the plethora of teachers in here! I'm extremely passionate about weather and it's cool to be around so many educator's as the former pain in the ass class clown!
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