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  1. Steve, (or anyone else), do you have an updated **rough** guesstimate on time frames of incoming chances for a winter storm? From what I've gathered, this weekend/20th is pretty much out for any snow, but then a wave right behind it, the 24thish? Or is that the thing, we don't know yet because the models are behaving erradically?
  2. It's never as good the second time, either😫
  3. A couple models hinting at a "major ice storm" for NE GA per Allan? Uh Oh.
  4. You were right that I was right lol Interesting. sooooooo that means I'm not getting crap but 2 snow flakes and 4 sleet pellets lol
  5. Maybe since last time was a miss, this time will be a direct hit! I'm certainly going to hold my optimism this time though lol
  6. Alright everybody we're sniffing potential wintry weather so I'm back! lol (who's this guy?!) Just went over the past few pages to catch up so forgive me if the point I'm about to make has already been covered. I have been consistently monitoring the models/discussion and vague forecast maps and to me, this looks IDENTICAL to one month ago's winter weather system with CAD being the only hope for us and models not gripping very well what will happen. Almost the same exact areas of NE Georgia MAYBE getting affected again under the same set up. My question is, am I wrong? And if not, what IS different with this system and are chances better/worse in comparison to last months event?
  7. Nothing but rain and 37°. Dropped to 35° 40 minutes ago. Almost ready to call the quits and go to bed. Or drive 30 minutes to the snow. Lol
  8. Just kidding. Gust now in Fannin 15-20. No wind to wind in 40 minutes or so. Elevation roughly 2,000 feet. FINNALY a few flakes mixed in with heavy rain.
  9. It has to mean something. Still rain and 37°.
  10. The radar is even confused this is crazy lol can't wait to see how it plays out. She's still got a curve ball in er'
  11. Because I'm not from here, I don't know a lot of cities by name in my area. I'm more knowledgeable on counties. Could I ask a favor that you also post the county with city you guys are posting from? I'm thoroughly enjoying tracking your reports and the rapidly changing weather on this crazy system.
  12. Hold the phone.... I'll let you know soon if this pans out
  13. I could be mistaken, but I think he did. Posted it on here a few pages ago.
  14. BIG expansion in the last 30 minutes of radar picking up frozen precipitation in NE GA using RadarScope precipitation depiction tool. For last few hours, it was only picking up snow/sleet around Andrews NC
  15. COME ON! I have zero wind, all rain and stuck at 38° for the past 4 hours. Blue Ridge, Fannin county. I'm starting to believe my only chance at snow is tomorrow night on the wrap around. P.S. I'm from Michigan. I just want a little of back home lol
  16. Are we on track Temp wise or cooler than expected?
  17. Looks like they've taken down the special weather advisory for Fannin. Do they do this when they are issuing a new advisory or watch? EDIT** NVM, it's back.
  18. Just looking outside, you can feel it coming. The temperature and cloud deck make it feel ominous.
  19. Can we expect the NWS ATL update before their briefing at 4pm?
  20. LOL I'm literally 30 minutes driving time to B,C,D, and E. UGH THIS IS KILLING ME
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