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  1. I "think" that 9.99 is either my Cocorahs or the nws gauge I maintain. i feel sheepish pointing this out, but, darnit, i'm proud!
  2. thanks for all these by the way. really points out how variable everything is.
  3. wow thats quite a gradient. I can attest to the map. i have a 6 day total of 6.64
  4. ok i have thought and deleted about a couple dozen replies. some downright hilarious, some not so much. At this point I think i am just going to grab a safety blanket and go curl up in the fetal position and try to sleep for about a month until all this blows over. I have been waiting for this day since 1993, for it to happen again.
  5. darn, i'm in a snow hole in South Lumpkin Co. Do you think it will change between now and the 21st? 😉
  6. why not much discussion about this. 18z sunday gfs 15z Sunday nam 12k and most importantly my accurite 😉
  7. one time i was driving through Buckhead and i look over in the car next to me at the stop light, and i was looking right at Guy Freaking Sharpe. it was awesome for me. We didn't say a word, but i sure felt a connection 😉 i was in mid Ga for "the big one" in 1973, and was in Atlanta for the superstorm in 93, so I'd say i am about 6 years overdue!
  8. The good thing is we are prime for a surprise next time everyone is going to be gun shy
  9. similar to this http://weatherdaddy.us/weatherdaddy/index.html?q=dahlonega%2C+ga&makeDefault=on which is a bit easier but I like taiganet better. need to set that up
  10. thanks. there is a tear in my eye. seriously this brings back great memories.
  11. i have a question, as I have been looking at these models daily that are pretty much worthless, but I keep noticing when a cold front goes through that might be dry for us, once it gets out over the ocean, looks like it picks up moisture and i would guess its called ocean effect snow. So, if there was an island several hundred miles due East off say North Carolina or Virginia, how much snow do you think you'd be getting maybe compared to the mountains, in a normal year. i would think it would balance out because when the mainland gets snow due to a low, its usually pulling up warm air on the right side and it just rains in the ocean. But when its just a dry cold air mass over the mainland and they are not getting snow, what is happening way out in the ocean. I think i've seen it happen off the coast of Florida, but i think thats very rare.
  12. does anyone ever study the different (lets just say GFS) ensembles to see if one usually scores better than the rest for our area. I would assume each member has its own version of the programming and parameters and is discreet, but I don't know. i wonder if they give each the same weight when they are put together. Some other terms floating around about this i'm unsure of are "control run / operational run", and then "weeklies". I see people saying, the Euro / GFS etc nailed that storm from a week out, but I never hear anyone say, ensemble x seemed to be the closest to what we got the whole way through.
  13. so fun looking at the maps, and then seeing what you and others post. I suspect many of us are just seeing blobs, whereas folks like you are seeing a much more granular picture. like King said i'm starting to take notice of the high position and strength rather than just looking at the storms. Try to look at the 500 mb vorticity too, if I'm saying that right. But I have a question. what is the difference between GEFS and GEPS. I assume the E stands for ensemble.
  14. My take is, yes, all the players are on the field, and I've been watching the GFS and FV3 all three runs daily for about a week. showing some great possibilities. Seeing some great storms with moisture coming in over perfect placement of strong high in NE. Not trying to be a wet blanket, but we have to remember, even if all the players are on the field, the opposing team (SNOW in our climate) is Alabama, or Clemson, or Patriots, and we (actually getting snow) are someone else, take your pick. Just like in football, you can have a good game plan, but the superior team (Climate for our area) is going to beat you most of the time due to you fumbling (warm nose), or throwing an interception (cold crushing the moisture), etc etc. This isn't to say I don't feel good about it, just trying to keep my expectations in check. I do feel like this year we are at least the GA Bulldogs (woof woof) and not some division II school, so don't get me wrong, I like, no, love, our chances.
  15. wasn't quite ready to jump up to the Davis, so I got the Accurite 5 in 1 wireless with pc connect. its a little over 100 and have had it about a year. its been pretty good so far. I have it reporting here: https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=KGADAHLO45 But like NorthGeorgiaWX said, all I have heard is Davis is really the way to go if you are willing to spend a bit more.
  16. i would love to see a widespread storm hit here like that, where it just went west to east across Miss, Alabama, and Georgia. half the state covered in snow, no doubt that it was going to happen.
  17. yeah a friend of mine at work is South of St. Louis and they already had 5.5 at 6 oclock
  18. yeah i saw that this morning. we all know its too far out, but how can you NOT look at something like that. if the fv3 sniffed that out like it did the early December storm, man would that be crazy. Of course this is at 2 weeks, so I doubt thats ever been done, so I'm just looking at it as entertainment.
  19. ah ok i didn't realize the connection between ssw and blocking. thanks for the explanation.
  20. let me ask some questions from a laymens point of view and maybe it will help me, or somebody. So normally I would think that the colder it was higher in the atmosphere, or the higher latitude levels, the colder everything is. ie, if my upstairs is cold, my basement is going to be almost un-inhabitable. But that doesn't seem to be the case with weather. It seems from what I'm reading (and I admit its over my pay grade) , whats more important is the displacement of the cold air. And there are two major displacements being talked about. One, the SSW means that cold air in the upper stratosphere is being displaced down to the lower atmospheric levels. The second is high latitude blocking, which is displacing cold air at higher latitudes down to the lower latitudes. And with the blocking, it is important where the blocking is so that we get the cold air as opposed to the west, or Europe or somewhere. With the SSW, does that affect everyone's lower atmosphere say in the hemisphere, or is it longitudinally specific as well.
  21. just saw this thread. great pics. i went through Waynesville, to Asheville, and then to Hendersonville and back home. there was a lot of snow in Hendersonville. So do we know how much Suches got? I could see snow on the mountains up there for several days, and then this weekend there was still snow on the side of the road at blood mountain. I'll see if i can find a pic from Hendersonville. Its plowed snow in a parking lot, but, still! and btw, i'm galp03 on the cocorahs list above.
  22. thats good to hear! I see what you mean. I see Saturday, but am not seeing anything early in the week. is Monday showing something on the euro?
  23. the peachtree city afd long term is interesting. I'm not used to seeing them bring up marginal event(s) this far out, or is it just me.
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