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  1. I always remember freaking out about hearing these as a kid. A lot of times in the Midwest they test sirens every wednesday, just if anyone is wondering.
  2. Area Forecast Discussion...UPDATED National Weather Service Peachtree City GA 602 AM EST Sun Mar 3 2019 .UPDATE FOR AVIATION... PREV DISCUSSION... /Issued 409 AM EST Sun Mar 3 2019/ ..Enhanced Severe Thunderstorm Threat For Today... SHORT TERM /Today through Monday/... The only concern this period will be to watch and monitor for severe thunderstorm development as a surface wave rides along a cold front and moves across the ATL/AHN areas this afternoon. SPC has indicated an "Enhanced" risk area covering almost all of central GA and a "Slight" risk area over the ATL/AHN areas. The most likely i
  3. Wow imagine a foot of snow over all of north Georgia that would be crazy and debilitating for everyone. School would be out for a while I'm sure if that verified too
  4. When can we start to feel confident in the forecasts for amounts of snow. I know it's nice to see 3-6" but is that realistic for us in all seriousness.
  5. Yeh in that storm I lived south of Athens and we got 7" of snow and a little ice after the snow.
  6. Just looking at the gfs model and the nam, I see wht you mean by a frontal system, but it seems to be fairly brief in passing so unless it comes in heavy enough I don't know how much will accumulate if at all. Which is probably what the local national weather service is saying along with all other meteorologist's. Again just learning so I can understand this stuff, and I love it when it may snow in Georgia. I think hope this storm or the following one in Feb give us something 😀
  7. Seems like the 28 to 30th storm is going to be a clipper, so with that I'd presume more of a flurries and snow shower thing more than anything else. And ppl further east of western and northwest GA, it's not really going to be much.. Of course I'm just going off of how those usually work correct me if I'm wrong of course, im still learning 🤔
  8. So 100 hours out is about 4 days right? I assume also that's when the shorter and more accurate models come into play
  9. Hopefully next weekend we can get some of that snow around here in Georgia
  10. I have Aspergers and its actually the reason I have such an interest in weather and earth science stuff in general. Its sometimes a gift and also a curse to deal with in life, especially now being 30 years old.
  11. Local weather station This is a station that I go by for where I'm at, I like it a lot since it shows that wet bulb temp.
  12. Yeh I'm sure my store among others are going to be getting busy this weekend, but what is with bread and milk when it snows in Georgia?
  13. Yep my phone just beeped at me about it I'm in athens, do you think that means better chance of the freezing rain here
  14. I've been keeping quiet but I believe that if the wedge effect becomes more strongly entrenched in the northeast ga area the typical places; i.e. athens & Gainesville, see a potentially dangerous ice storm... followed by some snow at the end of it all. And also if the models are realizing the intensity of winds correctly than this storm will be even worse with falling trees everywhere. But all in all definitely better to presume the worse and hope for the best
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