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  1. 1 minute ago, NorthGeorgiaWX said:

    There will be another chance, but it is really too far in advance to focus on. Once we get past Sunday we'll start taking a look at that one. 

    I agree, which is why it's weird Glenn Burns is already putting it out there. He won't talk about snow until flakes are already falling!

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  2. 3 minutes ago, NorthGeorgiaWX said:

    I was surprised to see all three of the big models in sync that far away. That's why I need to take a good look in the morning to really see what's going on. I've been up since about 2:30 am so I can tell you it won't be a late night tonight. 🙂 And that way the models have a chance to lose it. 😛

    I'm really hoping the Euro doesn't drop this one like Tom Crean with a 20 point lead. 

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  3. 25 minutes ago, KingOfTheMountains said:

    Mainly sleet now with a few flakes starting to mix in. Sleet really starting to pile up on elevated surfaces. 

    It's the best time of the year. My dad's family is from up there (Popcorn off 76 & Flat Creek).

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  4. 14 minutes ago, Shannon said:

    I mean it’s a nowcasting situation but the NAM was better for that scenario. I think if midtown got a couple inches the world would end and we would have snowmeggadon 2.0 

    Yes the latest NAM looks great for us in the city!

    At least I can go to sleep excited before the inevitable model swing and crushing disappointment :classic_unsure:

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