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  1. Depends on which simulated radar you want to believe. Right now the HRRR has most of the moisture gone by 7AM. WRF has it gone around 4PM tomorrow.
  2. Hard to say. Closest report I have seen from that area was Dahlonega and they have sleet and snow flying.
  3. Just for reference the WRF model did not have us here in Dacula / Winder area going below freezing until somewhere around 3-5AM. The wind is cranking.
  4. I am going to run over to Steve's house and put a piece of ice on his thermometer. LOL
  5. Just for reference: Buford is Northern Gwinnett Oakwood is Southern Hall Dacula is Eastern Gwinnett Them boys up in the mountains will have to tell you their counties... 🙂
  6. It's interesting, the HRRR model clears out the precip but the latest GFS out holds precip in here through Tuesday.
  7. MAN! Wind is really howling now. Thought I had a tree hit the house and it was the hammock slamming into the back of the house. I should have already took that thing down. Forgot about it.
  8. I will say I am getting some good wind gust here in Dacula.
  9. Looking at the HRRR simulated radar, it is completely different than the WRF simulated radar. I am not sure which one to believe. I will say that there is convection in the Gulf that is causing a dry slot in SW Alabama and a big dry slot that has been modeled the entire time back in MS. That said the WRF rotates the moisture through on the back side of the system and leaves the moisture hanging around which leads to the disco from the NWS about snow showers on Monday / Tuesday. The HRRR just evaporates that ball of moisture and clears everything out by Noon tomorrow.
  10. As many of these Wedge / CAD / ZR systems that I have followed over all the years, I can say that I have not seen many where the rain had set in and the cold air got pushed in "underneath" enough to cause ice on trees and powerlines. Just as a history, usually when that happens at least in my area of Dacula, it gets to 33° and rain. I know that every system is different, but unless temperatures really crash, I find it hard to believe we drop below freezing by 2-5AM. Just sorta giving y'all what's in my head running around.
  11. I think that is a great video by the NWS FFC. I will say we were supposed to get to 42 today and we never cracked 39°. I keep watching the simulated radar from the WRF panels and can't help but be impressed by the CAD that it projects. When I think about the winds being 30-40PM this could really be a hot mess. Here are just a couple snap shots in about a 14 hour impact.
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