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  1. Keep the white stuff to the weekend. I am happy. Time to head home.
  2. That's what i though when looking at radar....
  3. And just like that, snow in SC has piddled out...at least fro now.
  4. 37 here in Seneca, straight up melting immediately, but it is snowing here now
  5. that looks like no issue at all...unless 441 in mountain city, or somewhere near there, is destroyed. lol
  6. That's what I though. I lived in Vermont for several years, where they don't plow until a minimum of 4 inches...146 inches annually where i lived...i have the experience...only real worry is 76 is a no go for cell signal for about 30 minutes of my drive.
  7. Leaving Seneca at 5. Only worry I have is accumulation on roads, if any. I will be home before ice becomes an issue. Daughter at home says even our mountain road is clear still
  8. I know you hate it, but I really want to get home tonight.
  9. I want a picture of the Blairsville Airport...I want to see what they classify as an airport....
  10. Of what, puddles? I know in Clayton it is coming down, but like King said..melting almost immediately on contact.
  11. Rabun Gap seeing some light snow. Sleet and mostly rain on 441 from RGNS to DT Clayton. Seneca seeing a decent amount of sleet mixed in with a lot of rain...random flurry as well.
  12. Snowing in Rabun Gap, at least at 2500 elevation.
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