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  1. So after all this waiting, I am gonna be in San Antonio on the 29th. This guarantees snow will fall in GA on Tuesday. 😭😭😭😭
  2. Well. The operational model on the 12z GFS run on the 26th (180hr) now showing a nice little low sliding along the gulf. I hope that trend continues!
  3. So where do the basic weather apps get their data like TWC or even your local TV station app? I am just curious for which model has to show this sort of cold coming down for it to start showing up?
  4. Ok, it is time to start “dreaming” of a white Christmas here in North Georgia and the GFS is giving me hope. (So you are saying there is a chance?) I hope those smarter than me will start posting the models and data that will keep my hopes alive. I realize it is a long way out, but I still act like I am five years old when it snows.
  5. I hope you will continue to post these sorts of graphics as the evening goes on. Anything to give us snow hounds hope....
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