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  1. Finally, a tiny glimmer of hope. Kirk Mellish uploaded a new blog with the caveat that the Euro was more aggressive, saying it was something to watch...
  2. David Chandley, Fox 5, is not painting a pretty picture for us snow lovers.
  3. Is this kind of an "eh-maybe" event for the areas in the warning or are they fairly confident of accumulating snows and worsening road conditions? I'm in Pickens and serving as the weather hub for the office lol. Quick, make me sound smart to everyone!
  4. WSB is reporting that Atlanta Public Schools are closed tomorrow as well.
  5. Not a TV meteorologist, but WSB's Kirk Mellish is usually pretty accurate as far as I can tell. He posts blog updates to keep everyone informed. I like Glenn Burns but sometimes he seems a bit conservative on the wintery precip.
  6. This is the part that makes me nervous. 36-48 hours before the event I'm always worried that it's going to bust. When do the next models come out?
  7. I work in Canton (live in Pickens) I get the sense that unless something drastic changes, we'll be closing early Tuesday lol. How fast are they expecting the temps to drop? I keep seeing the phrase "flash freeze" a lot.
  8. NWS website give Pickens a 70% chance of snow/rain on Tuesday as of right now. Either way, this snow lover has his emergency bag packed in case he gets stuck at work! Just in case....
  9. 5-6 days out from the Sunday/Monday storm. Still looking like a dud?
  10. Completely un-scientific and against all the models, I have a very slight "hunch" about tomorrow morning/Thursday morning. I don't expect any big-time event, but I can't help but think it may be further reaching and slightly worse than they're thinking. This just strikes me as one of those "out of the blue" things Ga Weather is so famous for. Now let's sit back and see how wrong I am 🙂
  11. On his Facebook page. Posted an hour ago. He prefaced it with "Don't hold me to this", but still unlike him lol.
  12. Dang, even Glenn Burns is showing the possibility of snow next weekend. Over a week out! Very unlike Glenn....
  13. I like Glenn but he can be a major Snow-Scrooge lol. He'll barely mention the possibility of snow until the first flakes start falling.
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