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  1. Loving the uptick in Greenville
  2. This was the last image I could see (180) but it was darting toward us.
  3. Alright who in Gwinnett sneaked in a bubble of snow?
  4. In Commerce near Jax/Mad line, temps ahead of schedule. 35 with 33 dewpt. Knocking on the door. COME ON!!!
  5. Up the road from Athens (Clarke) in Commerce (Jackson Co/Madison Co line), sitting at 36 deg/35 dewpt
  6. Huge news for Jackson, Madison, Elbert, etc coming from WYFF channel 4 in Greenville, SC https://www.facebook.com/ChrisJustusMeteorologist/videos/270832933583311/?notif_id=1544304226588397&notif_t=live_video
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