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  1. firefighter556

    January 12, Saturday

    Glenn Burns just mentioned about snow. And he never does unless it's a good chance. Lol
  2. firefighter556

    Winter Weather Potential - January 20-27

    Is this good news(snow) or bad (nothing) for ga?
  3. firefighter556

    Winter Weather Potential - January 20-27

    What does all of this mean?
  4. firefighter556

    Winter Weather Potential - January 20-27

    Mine saids it's too. Atleast 3 days with snow showers and with accumulations.. hehe getting excited.
  5. firefighter556

    2018-2019 Winter Discussion

    They just issued one for the mountains??
  6. firefighter556

    January 9, Wednesday

    How will this effect us?
  7. firefighter556

    2018-2019 Winter Discussion

    I already saw next week. The lows in the 20's and the highs in the 40's and even some chance of snow showers. I know a long ways away but aleast its showing cold air moving. And the best thing its on the date you said it would happen. I love it.
  8. firefighter556

    2018-2019 Winter Discussion

    Does all of this mean cold is coming?
  9. firefighter556

    2018-2019 Winter Discussion

    Sorry to ask. But what does this mean? Lol
  10. firefighter556

    2018-2019 Winter Discussion

    Steve, your doing a awsome job by keeping us informed esspically me. I read your blog every morning. And I'm sorry other are being rude or think your God and can make weather happen.but your not. And the thing about the weather men and women on tv. They only talk about weather 5 to 7 days out. So something king range as the cold weather coming or ETC. You will only hear about it just a few days out. So for all the people who are being negative. Just relax. And let the weather happen. Becuase I find it very interesting to see what's in store. What could happen and what wont happened. Winter is only 10 daya old. We have 2 1/2 months left of winter. Plenty of time to let "Winter" happen. We all know for the ones who live in Ga. It can be 70° with severe storms 1 day and wake up the next morning with 2 inches of snow on the ground...
  11. firefighter556

    2018-2019 Winter Discussion

    So what does this mean??
  12. firefighter556

    December 24, Monday

    I think its was for January 5th 2019. Already have a chance of snow showers. For the Forcast in the area I live in. McDonough. I cant wait to see what is in store for us this this Winter. Merry Christmas.