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  1. On southernwx- it looks like Atlanta gets 2.3 inches
  2. Hmm that doesn’t look like the euro map I saw on another site..... the accumulation map was further south then this map indicates
  3. Whoa check out the euro for a week from Saturday......
  4. Post some pictures if you can so we can live through you since we aren’t seeing anything besides rain
  5. Well if you believe Glenn burns he said it’s only gonna be a mix of rain/snow for a couple hours and that’s it. And I know it’s Glenn and he rubs people the wrong way but still
  6. I kinda had a feeling that was you....... I don’t see why you have a confidence below 10% when these models could easily change back to showing the goods
  7. Are you SnowDawg on Americanwx?
  8. Glenn burns kicked him off his page for hyping an event that didn’t pan out? But yet Glenn burns overhypes also......
  9. It’s not gonna be severe so I wouldn’t worry too much about it
  10. I’m still waiting on that big ice storm he said was coming back in December
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