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  1. Sorry to be this person but it’s roll in* not role in
  2. Maybe Steve can answer but does that mean the cold front is closer than I think?
  3. I wonder why there’s no tornado watch for Atlanta/south yet?
  4. So here’s my question since it’s cloudy and kinda cool now is that a good thing?
  5. I don’t see much Changing honestly..
  6. I don’t see much changing honestly
  7. I hate being this person but you mean passed away not based away
  8. Yes. It’s Friday. Nothing to worry about right now as it’s a ways off
  9. It won’t. I wouldn’t worry about it. And don’t listen to Glenn Burns. He always overhypes things
  10. Yes. Very good chance. They always seem to be worse the further west of Georgia you go
  11. On southernwx- it looks like Atlanta gets 2.3 inches
  12. Hmm that doesn’t look like the euro map I saw on another site..... the accumulation map was further south then this map indicates
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