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  1. Man has winter ended and I didn’t know it? A lot of negativity out there on these other weather sites
  2. You think amwx is bad? Go over to southernwx. It’s even worse
  3. I wish I could put into words how excited I am about how the end of the month looks.........
  4. Who cares what they think? Honestly who cares
  5. Just like that nice 18z run from yesterday it will change.......
  6. Remind me again why we like storms being suppressed at this range?
  7. I’m ready to go all in on this potential.
  8. I want the pretty maps of the 18z back
  9. Not gonna get into an argument on here but seeing that show up is tons better than this warm pattern we’re in
  10. I wouldn’t say it’s gonna be gone by tonight..... nobody really knows what this model will do.
  11. I’d rather it stick around then this pattern we’re in now...... let’s hope when I wake up I wake up to even better news
  12. DONT look at the 00z GFS........ unless you wanna be overtaken with excitement
  13. Did you read his Facebook page? He said was running a bit slow this morning and that he’ll have a post later
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