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  1. My dad is in Plant City in Hillsborough county...they are putting up plywood today after it didn't make that east turn. Waiting to hear if they are going to ride it out or head up our way.
  2. LOL....I had to hunt down the link for this site-haven't been here since the last winter storm! GCPS has sent out all their precautionary digitial learning day emails to staff...seems a little overkill to me!
  3. Soooo....does the shift mean we are more likely to see affects here locally? Atlanta metro? It had seemed previously with Florida landfall we were pretty much cleared.
  4. Augh....we are in the process of getting estimates after our basement flooded around Christmas time. We paid 25k to finish our basement 7 years ago and so far each company has quoted us about that much to fix the issues. Praying we can keep the water out this time- at least all the carpet is already ripped out!
  5. We (certified staff being teachers) haven't got anything directly......LSTC been sending out notes about DLD and getting eclass ready all day though.
  6. I have been checking in with you all day and waiting to get that text alert!!!!
  7. Makes me wonder what they will do with schools...
  8. I know my high school helper last year was hoping they DIDN'T have a snow day because the amount of work for digital learning days far exceeded what they normally did in a day. It took my kids about 2-3 hours to complete their work (1st/6th/7th grade), I think more because of issues with e-class and they kept getting kicked off. As a parent. I was about ready to poke my eyes out trying to get 3 kids school work done. I can handle a classroom of 25 1st graders, but trying to navigate the DDL with my own 3 kids (plus entertaining a 3 year old) had me wanting to go back to work after day #2! We were told that schools were suppose to be more mindful of how much work was given out this year...I guess we will see!
  9. And now I got that blasted song in my head! 🙂
  10. I lived in Tallahassee during that time and was in high school. I remember playing with my friends in the hot tub outside while it snowed...only time I ever saw snow in Florida!
  11. All of us teachers are praying for snow....bring on digitial learning days!
  12. GCPS teacher here too! Live in Dacula, teach in Collins Hill cluster.
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