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  1. I love the strength of the wedge, lol
  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but it is good that it stayed cloudy today, and the wedge that caused it will help lower the severe chances when the storms reach it?
  3. Will do my best, thanks Steve
  4. Welp, that proves that I still don't understand all the terms... lol But still, worrying is just a habit of mine... Should I sleep easy tonight, or be ready to wake up at a moment's notice?
  5. Sorry, just saw Dawson included in that orange outline for counties potentially included if they do a new tornado watch...
  6. I am now starting to worry a bit...
  7. Strong Thunderstorms are better than Severe, Tornado making ones, right?
  8. 1. What does PDS mean? 2. Will the system be weaker when it gets here?/Do the severe chances lower?
  9. Will this Tornado watch go to us this evening, do you think?
  10. Do you think that enhanced risk will move over here to Georgia? Also, how do chances of Tornado look for me?
  11. Request for Song tomorrow: Devil Went Down to Georgia, lol
  12. Do you mean just tornados, or storms in general, lol
  13. Do you think we will get a Tornado as bad as the one Tennessee got 2 or 3 weeks ago?
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