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  1. I think, I just heard thunder... if I did, it is just remains of the system last night, and will not be severe, right?
  2. Where in Georgia, if it is in this state, is it forming?
  3. Yes, I did, but only with help from the family I am wwith, and the amazing people on this website.
  4. I am praying for everyone, please stay safe, and thanks for helping me calm dowm, you all rock!
  5. I am happy that the Severe Storm Warnings for Forsyth and Dawson were allowed to expire, it makes me feel a bit better
  6. Ibam glad you are safe, should it still be done in Dawson and Forsyth by 7?
  7. Does that mean it is slowly ending?
  8. Floyd County PD tweeted a picture of a rainbow
  9. Thank you everyone for the advice. Sadly I am on the second floor of a 2 story apartment complex, visiting family in Cumming, but I am still in a windowless hallway in the center, so still somewhat safe
  10. I am terrified, any comforting words to offer anyone?
  11. I am starting to get worried again... are Tornado chances growing, or lowering?
  12. Still no warnings right now? Or has 1 popped up?
  13. Thank you, I know rain and wind are all day and night, but, making sure I undersatand, 5-7 is the severe chance?
  14. How are Dawsonvile and Cumming looking, timing wise, and how bad will it get in thoes places?
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