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  1. Are we still safe here in North Georgia, or have things changed
  2. So this storm could potentially hit the coast of all the states on the eastern seaboard?
  3. Sorry I keep asking, but there is so much information being thrown around that I am getting confused. Is there a risk of Dorian turning in a way that North Georgia DOES get affected?
  4. I am worried about all the people in Florida, but am semi happy it is there and not here, still a horrible storm though... I hope nobody gets killed by this storm, but I know that is unlikely...
  5. Are we here in North Georgia still in the clear Steve?
  6. I have not been paying that much attention to this storm yet, but am starting to, how has is it right now?
  7. Based on the information you have at this moment, do you personally believe Dorian will affect us here in North Georgia?
  8. Hope everyone stays safe this evening/tonight
  9. Do you believe any of the storms we get will do heavy damage?
  10. If anything does happend when will it more likely occur, this afternoon, or overnight?
  11. Any updates for severe weather risk today/tonight/tomorrow
  12. I am a bit curious/worried about something... will that European Heat way come here to the lower 48 of America at some point? I ask because I know it is already affecting Alaska
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