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  1. Keeping the heat/energy from getting to the storms?
  2. WOOHOO, uhm, by the way, what sort of weather phenomenon do ai need to thank for making the weather not as bad as they said today?
  3. Who else has a big patch of blue sky where they are?
  4. I am correct in noticing that the risk areas are changing slightly and things seems to be a little weaker than originally expected this morning?
  5. I am not complaining at all, but why am I seeing blue sky
  6. I'm not kidding, I had no idea that was going on untill I looked at this thread, lol
  7. And Somehow, I almost completely missed this apparently...
  8. Does that apply to saturday and sunday too, or just today?
  9. So, if I am understanding thing correctly, It seems that, today atleast, things seem to be weaker than previously expected?
  10. The error kept saying the template for the forum was missing. As for that tornado risk, thanks for the clarification
  11. I am slightly confused, what does and most so on Sunday mean
  12. I kept getting a weird error
  13. Not fully weather related, but still an important question, Was anyone else not able to post replies last night?
  14. What is a Mesoscale Convetive Vortex? I saw someone call this line that name and am very confused
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