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  1. Hey Steve, how does the rest of the evening look
  2. I know you didn't say anthing about it, but, any risk of Tornados for our area?
  3. Any chance of some updates about weather risks today?
  4. Hey Steve. How do Today and Tomorrow look?
  5. How do risks stack up for severe weather being predicted for this afternoon/tonight?
  6. I gotta ask, any severe storm risks mixed in with the rain?
  7. Hows it looking for us here in North Georgia?
  8. I know they got some bad stuff there, how bad is the worst so far
  9. So Steve, it is pretty breezy here in Dawson County. The side of me that dislikes heat enjoys it greatly, but the side of me that worries and also wonders is curious, any reason for it being so breezy?
  10. Have you seen the Tornado Probabilities graph from 1982 to 2011?
  11. First Tornado Watch now in Texas...
  12. I hope most people in Texas and surrounding states have good ways to get information, it sounds like they are in for a rough evening/night
  13. Since GA is pretty much the same as yesterday, can we talk about Texas for a bit?
  14. Keeping the heat/energy from getting to the storms?
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