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  1. Will the Saharan Dust affect the weather here? I am not fully sure what it even is.
  2. Just poured where I am... So, how is tomorrow looking, noticed slight risk for us.
  3. Glad to see you back Steve, your new home is near me, maybe I can visit after the virus is done, lol. But seriously, hope you enjoy your new place.
  4. No clue when you will see this, but I hope moving is going, or went, well.
  5. 1. AWESOME house, hooe you enjoy it. 2. Is it true the North East (of the country) might get snow this weekend?
  6. How are things looking.
  7. Thank you, do you think there will be a Tornado?
  8. I am starting to get super nervous... any words of advice or help?
  9. Sorry... just really hate nighttime stuff... I doubt it, but any chance of the watch being cancelled early?
  10. Do you think a Severe Storm like that will come to Dawson?
  11. I am guessing it still won't be that bad?
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