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  1. I love everything about these posts.
  2. Those pictures make me think I'm ready for a vacation. Is it just me or is this turning into a more humid, buggy summer than last year? Or does it just seem worse because I'm living through it.
  3. Cooler air and dry weather sounds too good to be true!
  4. Can it be that we have finally escaped this pattern of near-constant rain?
  5. I'm so sorry ๐Ÿ˜ž Anxiety over the stuff we can't control is the WORST. You have probably tried the stuff I could think you suggest - listening to meditative tracks, distracting yourself with a little project - essential oils work really good for anxiety. Remember the odds of a storm being strong enough to damage your home or put you in danger as still pretty low this time, and if you look at the area of POTENTIAL bad weather, figure in the chances of the worst of it happening right around you. Its pretty unlikely. I hope that helpsโค
  6. Will the winds start to die down tomorrow after picking up overnight tonight? What is the time frame on the worst of the wind?
  7. This rain is terribly depressing.
  8. Sorry to hear about your knee! The good news is the two nice days you have to park in a chair outside and enjoy the weather while you recover! I know this will spark some eye-rolling, because I used to be one to do it when the subject came up, but I really do recommend a light yoga routine to help reduce injury. I got into it after my 67 year old father "fixed" all his back problems by doing it 20 min in the morning. Something to consider! I'm really tired of the rain, like everyone. But, if it has to be rainy, I prefer it be warm and rainy. I'm sorry for those that were hoping for a good snow, though.
  9. When you say "Mid-Winter warm up"....it makes me think you see something that leads you to theorize winter may be back...
  10. So the Groundhog says it's time for spring. Bring it on!
  11. I believe you on this one. As it is as accurate an indicator as anything else, I have a mare that sheds like clockwork about two weeks before the end of the cold weather. She still looks like a yak, so that's a pretty good sign that winter is NOT over. I'm loving the break from the cold this upcoming week! If we could just get rid of the rain...
  12. I'm down the street from you - on the other side of the square - same thing here!
  13. I am looking forward to a little warm up and sunshine, personally. I suspect we will still get something before the end of the season, but I'm glad we aren't getting inundated, as the pre-season forecasts suggested. It really does get old FAST!
  14. The cold rain has started in Marietta, but we are still well above freezing, so I am skeptical it will ever change over. EDIT: That's not a complaint! I prefer my winter filled with glorious days like yesterday! ๐Ÿ‡
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