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  1. Yes finally.. best part is the drop in temperature so I am not missing the AC. 😊
  2. Winds blowing, power’s out...I hear thunder but no rain!
  3. Really enjoyed the time lapse video! Looking forward to some interesting ones!
  4. Steve, what a beautiful view! I can’t wait for your pictures, especially of winter weather 😉. Happy moving.
  5. So thankful for the rain. I can breathe again!
  6. Beautiful day but pollen is putting a halt to my outside time. ☹️
  7. Just started Lawrenceville/ Lilburn
  8. Rain /sleet sprinkling in Lawrenceville for a few minutes . I had to look quickly!😂
  9. Safe travels and thoughts and prayers for all of you.
  10. Steve, Praying for safe travels for you, and also your parents.
  11. It seems to me some of the biggest winter weather hasn't really ever shown up on any models until almost the last minute. When we get predictions and alot of discussion for a few days out, nothing really happens.
  12. I’m dreaming of a white.. whatever!
  13. Keep up the good work Steve, But I’m not getting notifications
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