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  1. I saw where Dahlonega Weather had mentioned the possibilities.
  2. King or Steve. Snow tomorrow for 2500’ altitude?
  3. They mentioned significant tornado indexes of 4 in S Carolina. That is double what we had at times. But consider this- The April 27 outbreak had parameters near 12 , and at that time they thought10 was about high as you got. 64 parameters used to predict tornadoes The 27th outbreak there were 60 parameters screaming Tornado. No wonder we might not see such in our lifetimes. Almost perfect situation for huge tornadoes
  4. Asperman. Knowledge is power. Phobias are natural. We all have different fears. May I suggest you learn to understand the basic weather terms and what you can of which you are fearful. If you can learn then you will know when and what if you had an understanding then you would know that tonight is totally different from last week Tornado chances are very low for us. Tomorrow for the East coast is a different story. They will have a screaming jet and instability
  5. Thursday event—Do you think the Euro is more in line as it has the location and motion of the low more northerly and in the pattern all winter and now early spring? The Gfs could be trouble for the south as it keeps the energy much closer
  6. Steve I noticed that Bham NWS had issued a level 3 threat for all their coverage area. The SPC only has level 2. Bham said they felt the need to raise to level 3. I am worried some about a squall line, but the biggest worry is discreet super cellular cells——if they form. You see anything that would warrant their move?
  7. I start a revival Thursday nite in Aberdeen Ms. it goes through Sunday nite. I lived in this area for a good while. It is an area connected to the little Dixie alley. I am a little concerned about Saturday nite.
  8. Steve. I am concerned about Sunday and severe weather. 6 days out and already a slight risk. Can you look at the models and the parameters and tell us what they are showing? I know it is a few days out and subject to change
  9. Saw where April snow is on the Horizon. I am on my phone and can’t post but Asheville weather showed the models
  10. We had hail here at Calhoun. Storm built up rapidly right over us and moved southeast. Some places in Calhoun received enough it covered the ground. Here at the house it just hailed briefly.
  11. Looks like sometimes between here and August we will be moving to the Vidalia area. I have been offered a church there to Pastor. It is in a little community called Cedar Crossing. Uvalda Georgia
  12. Wow. Like picking up a kids tonker toy and flipping it
  13. We were in West Point Ms. and only got very little. Directly south of us received much more as they were on the fringe of the system as it swung around
  14. I am just guessing here, but it seems he is saying after the 23rd we go “marching “ into full blown spring and severe weather. Winter is over, except of course the usual Easter cold snaps as winter bids adios
  15. I saw where the system around ss Tx/Nm is predicted to produce surface winds of 100 mph and record low pressures Mid week. 972mb is predicted
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