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  1. 2 good rains Steve. I would say over 2 inches each day. Tropical downpours
  2. Prism we saw yesterday afternoon/ evening in the East coming from Vidalia to Metter . It never went away or varied. Earlier in the afternoon we saw a double rainbow.
  3. Metter Ga this morning it is nice less oppressive air. 74 *
  4. To reach this far south in Ga in late July is extremely rare. In N Ga it happens some but usually hangs up about Atlanta and then comes back North as a warm front 2-3 days later. To reach the coast and produce dry air in N Ga is something to note
  5. What’s this I hear about a cold front in late late July? Do tell!!!
  6. We have made our transition. We now live in Metter Ga. So officially now we are in South Georgia
  7. Well Steve I have been busy with church and packing to move. We move Saturday to Metter Ga. So we are almost straight south from you in our new house
  8. It is amazing how storm systems do many times here in Calhoun. I have a sneaking suspicion it has to do with the ridges to our west. Usually the storms splits and goes N or S. It did it today. There has been nothing but sprinkles here
  9. After this MCS there are 2 more to follow
  10. I saw a tweet about yesterday’s system of the hurricane like similarities it had with outflow and such
  11. Rain close by this afternoon at Calhoun
  12. I am loving seeing the ridge broken and beautiful cool April weather in June. There could be a few 40’s tonight
  13. Finally getting some rain. Otherwise some void of any in some areas. No lightning hardly
  14. I would think a system like that would have a severe side with the heat already present and the humidity building
  15. Huge wedge tornado just North of Joplin. Tornado emergency
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