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  1. After Christmas do we finally see cold temps, or do we continue with the above avg temps and rain every 2-3 days? To be honest I would rather see a cold high pressure drop in with the cobalt blue skies and no moisture, than deal with 80 degree temps down here in S Georgia. At least have a Winter!
  2. Meanwhile our high today here in Metter is 81. Unreal. Chatt Mets are saying models this morning are showing heavy burst of snow and they could wind up close to 2”
  3. I saw Allan Huffman tweet no confidence in any wintry weather for N Car and S Car unless something should change in the models. He said maybe AFTER Christmas
  4. It has trended warmer but the models are now in somewhat of agreement. The cold air will be available and the moisture, just timing and how the energy moves
  5. Euro coming in line with the rest. May have something here to start a thread on soon
  6. It’s Back in the 06z run. It is sniffing something for that timeframe on the 14th
  7. Brad Panovich has a good video here to watch
  8. You have to have moisture to have snow, so active means that might be handled. Now we just need cold to come and make a date with the moisture ... :-)
  9. GFS said. I see you euro Hold my beer boys———. Lol
  10. Brad Travis said GFS was much colder than the Euro. Said it signals a pattern change more than anything. Solutions are varying.
  11. Events wise that is kind of opposite of usual. Lol. Usually the 18z introduces and the 00z takes it away.
  12. Glenn Burns introduced this on his facebook page and said 1.25 1.50 ice for Atlanta with temps in the 20's. Also said GFS showed rain and below freezing also on it's run....
  13. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Picture is a few days (lol)old but is my beautiful family. They are one of the many blessings God has bestowed on me. I now have 2 son in laws and 4 grands and my oldest grand is 12.
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