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  1. It is amazing how storm systems do many times here in Calhoun. I have a sneaking suspicion it has to do with the ridges to our west. Usually the storms splits and goes N or S. It did it today. There has been nothing but sprinkles here
  2. After this MCS there are 2 more to follow
  3. I saw a tweet about yesterday’s system of the hurricane like similarities it had with outflow and such
  4. Rain close by this afternoon at Calhoun
  5. I am loving seeing the ridge broken and beautiful cool April weather in June. There could be a few 40’s tonight
  6. Finally getting some rain. Otherwise some void of any in some areas. No lightning hardly
  7. I would think a system like that would have a severe side with the heat already present and the humidity building
  8. Huge wedge tornado just North of Joplin. Tornado emergency
  9. Is it time to address the over abundance of storm chasers and the circus it has become. It is no longer a scientific attempt to garner evidence and information. It is now a thrill “ride” to make money. Was it ever anything else? #disgustedinGa
  10. It look as if the air was colder and further south than forecasted and the warm front lost the battle with the cold. Also I heard somewhere that the jet stream did get to the area until most of the storms were being influenced by a north wind inflow
  11. Looks like the cool air has taken a bite of the opp of severe weather in west Okl. Maybe there will be some storms later in the moist air, but so far nothing is showing south of Okl city.
  12. Either Mod- Steve or King Significant Tornado Parameters today in Okl are off the charts. 37.4 was mentioned. In retrospect, what were the STP’s in N Al in the April 27 outbreak?
  13. The weather channel has 99 for Lyons Ga about 10 days out, 95 for us
  14. The weather pattern setup for the country is a little disconcerting . With the ridge setting up in the East and the trough in the West, there will be record heat for us and round after round of severe weather for the Plains and s west. We are talking of temps as high as 100 for parts of our state and mid nighties for us. And the severe weather is going to be a storm chasers delight
  15. Looks like highs in mid and upper 90’s for parts of Georgia next week. Looks like it will remain hot now
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