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  1. If a Ridge sets up in the Mid west then anything that is tropical in the Gulf will be guided towards Texas /Mexico?
  2. I have been watching the GFS for the last week or so. In the long range it has been fairly consistent in something tropical in nature. A couple of runs nothing, but it has been all over the gulf and timing has been all over the place. I can’t get the Euro on tropical tidbits past 240hours.
  3. Looks like the disturbance near Charleston is going to swing on shore
  4. There were flakes seen last night in the Smokies, Boone area, probably 4000’ above. Wonder how close it came to N Ga?
  5. Two things about life 1. You have to trust somebody 2. Leave mole hills as is. There are enough mountains already.
  6. Noticed 1st fantasy tropical system for Georgia in last GFS
  7. Steve's song ( Forgive me Billy Joel)
  8. There is a video where all the storms across AL, Ms and Ga are chronicled that day and shown by radar. The morning storms are more linear and surrounded by rain and typical of our area. , But that afternoon as the system moves along clearing occurs and then the super cells appear, and almost every one have the perfect hook, and many the debris balls of powerful twisters. Unlike normal situations these were not rain wrapped and the Cullman Tornado was a monster, a beauty of incredible multi vortexes. The 4ef5's in one day was unheard of... No wonder it is called a 100 year event. It was like we got a taste of Tornado Alley and Dixie Alley mixed together and served up in one storm-- in one area....
  9. Looks like the atmosphere has cooperated and allowed the tops to build up high enough for cells to drop a lot of hail on the back side. N Georgia should see its share, especially I-20 corridor?
  10. That is a pretty significant change
  11. Did I see a wedge of colder air in N Georgia for tomorrow? Looks like some will not get out of the 50's. Set up similar to Sunday. Unfortunately , it looks like this time the warm front will get past us here at Metter.
  12. Sounds ominous? Do we have agreement on the models about placement and timing? How much certainty are we looking at. And if you had to guess based on current info where would the best chances for the worse weather be in Ga?
  13. Warm front failing to move N saved us altogether. No wind events and rain was on the low end of the scale expected. So we had a very surprising tornado warning at 52 degrees just a few miles to our East and that was it.
  14. 52 degrees and just had a tornado warning just about 5-10 miles from the house
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