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  1. Little Monday Morning Surprise for Boone Area https://www.sevendevils.net/ Cick on the webcam
  2. Looking at the process of the models In the last 3 days I am donning my helmet and moving to an interior closet or room and getting in severe weather mode and leaving winter behind. I am going to dare it to come a Good Un
  3. Happy Birthday Sir Steve! I echo the thanks and appreciation. We
  4. Yea way too early to think about accumulation. I just hope the curse of moisture/ cold timing does not haunt us again. Give me mid 70s and fair over severe and then extreme cold
  5. I was looking at the last two runs since the 3 amigos (gfs euro and Canadian) tried to make us all break the vow we just made NOT to follow the models every run with their snow promise. Order seems to have somewhat been restored with the models with much of the cold following behind any moisture as the usual winter pattern in the south? Where there were mucho snow predicted now just el poco
  6. At times we have talked about evaporative cooling taking place on other systems where temps were 6-8 *above freezing. This system over and over you have said , or at least that is what I heard, that temps will stay above despite heavy snowfall rates ( wet snow) Can you explain why at 39, you would began to get a rain snow mix to a heavy wet snow why it wouldn’t pull the temp the rest of the way down and get accumulating snow on grass at least?
  7. Looks like the Nam is our Huckleberry
  8. Buddy of mine from Ringgold just shared channel 3 (Chattanooga) snow accumulations High end 2.6 Lafayette 1.6 Calhoun 2.2 Dalto 2Chatsworth 3Murphy
  9. They are showing blue ridge to dalton near two inches
  10. Chattanooga Mets calling for snow Thursday morn for n ga and Chattanooga area
  11. The snow fairies are teasing big time on GFS.
  12. I posted to him this morning. I told him he had a good imagination. Went back to 1993 and the Glenn Burns story. Nobody believed what they saw in the models. The odds were next to impossible to align up and phasing to occur. And now he is willing to say such without any model proof or suggestion?? Imagination. I told him odds were it would happen again.... in 100 years
  13. Imagination. Imagination. 😂
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