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  1. I didn't see much of anything for here in south east georgia . Did I miss something? I looked at the short range and long range models. When it gets to AL/GA line it fizzled out Even in NW Ga it was just a very thin line?
  2. GFS showing very limited moisture except on the coast. Inch, maybe Inch and a half..... Definitely not tropical moisture and it is moving fast. But we are in a prime spot for a normal system. Instead it seems to be either right on the coast, or on the S Carolina upper coast?
  3. Steve I have been reading this morning. Some are posting the Euro, Some the GFS--In other words, same old song,different verse. They have warnings from La to almost mid Fla. Hurricane to subtropical predicted ... Your thoughts?
  4. I have a lot of thoughts this morning. One, I am so thankful fall weather is here temp wise. The heat had become so oppressive. I am anticipating some below 80 temps here in Metter for highs and that beautiful NNW breeze. Because of the drought i hope the tropical system is at the upper part of the strength scale if it is gonna blow through. Slow down or strengthen.... We need the rain in Ga. Last i can't wait for the 1st good system we see visions of "snowdays and sled dustin, and model watching"
  5. Maybe one of these days I can make the trip up there. I will be honest. I despise the big city N E. From DC on to Boston. If it were possible for a country boy on a short income to reach the coastal areas and mountains Star Trek style I would make the plunge. I am not interested in the many historical sites just because of the hassle of big city traffic and problems. I am a backwards fellow in a 2019/2020 world
  6. Also just had a thought. Steve maybe you can show us some data. With the Neaster what will it be like on Mt Washington
  7. I was looking at the last? GFS run and it hinted at the 1st measurable snow for the Appalachians. Smokies might turn white?
  8. We are in the blessed area THIS time. Steady rain since sometime late last night. Come snow time I am sure many times I will be awatching from afar. like you mentioned we desperately needed it. Glad to have you home
  9. Be careful Steve Prayers sent--- And for those who might be interested, i am including a webcam address to Terry Peak, at Lead, S Dakota. When we went on Vacation there 2 years back we drove up that way just to say we went to the highest point there in S Dakota. The Black Hills are beautiful. We were there in June and stayed in Lead and used it as our base..... They are expecting 12-18 inches of snow beginning late this afternoon on into Thursday.... https://terrypeak.com/the-mountain/live-web-cams/
  10. I saw today where October temps in the south could remain above normal. I am just musing about what I mentioned in an earlier post. If we hold on to a dominant high in the south in October do we now see the opposite effect of normal as far as Canes? Do they come more westerly, instead of the N Easterly hook that happens as they are effected by low press and a front?
  11. Nothing We sit just out side of the outer bands. Winds at 12. Skies almost clear. The rain is almost in spitting distance. The cut off point to this system eastward is almost unbelievable.
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