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  1. I saw today where October temps in the south could remain above normal. I am just musing about what I mentioned in an earlier post. If we hold on to a dominant high in the south in October do we now see the opposite effect of normal as far as Canes? Do they come more westerly, instead of the N Easterly hook that happens as they are effected by low press and a front?
  2. Nothing We sit just out side of the outer bands. Winds at 12. Skies almost clear. The rain is almost in spitting distance. The cut off point to this system eastward is almost unbelievable.
  3. We just went under TS Warning. Right now we have had a little rain and 10-20mph win. Quiet right now
  4. Calm here this morning with a gentle breeze stirring. Partly cloudy
  5. Nothing much happening. And that just does not look like a Cat 3 on radar
  6. We now, with the latest forecast for Dorian have a 20% chance of rain and no wind to speak of. That is with us being approx 75 miles off coast(Savannah). We were 60% plus and 40 mph and gusts
  7. Praying for your safety and for your Mom’s comfort and peace. God is able.
  8. Local meteorologists are saying little to none effects here unless you live on the immediate coast. They are saying the NHC insist the center will be far enough off Ga coast. Maybe Charleston. SMH. Cone is supposed to protect them but not when you tell school systems to not worry and they are in no danger. That is what is being reported near Savannah
  9. I as Pastor, had special prayer for the Bahama’s at our church this morning. Mercy is the only thing now that will help them. Too late for anything else. Since Camille I have not sensed such dread And horror. Katrina was a total different monster
  10. Cranky posts like my mind works. Herky -jerky
  11. Riding that yo-yo. That last forecast a little more disconcerting
  12. My wife and Ii was speaking of this. Help us understand. If models are tools, then why dismiss what they say? How do you know which one is correct? I watch James Spann everyday walk us through the GFS/Euro. Then he gives us the temps from those models? How do meteorologists predict if not with the tools? How do you know when to dismiss what you programmed to give you that "certain" answer?
  13. Let's talk PR With the coming of the internet craze the NHC/AND tv meteorologist has taken a beating, along with the government. Of course i understand the politics part of it with global warming and the global govt implication. If Dorian never hits U.S. soil and brushes along the coast and most of the damage is surge i am afraid the integrity of the NHC will again be weakened. All i read when the initial talk began was "don't pay the hype any attention. NOAA is also part of the commerce Dept. Could there be a controversy brewing?
  14. No U.S. LANDFALL ? LOL This is what i was asking about Steve . The steering because of changes in timing
  15. Steve my wife is an RN and works for Hospice. Also i faced that with my dad. Many nights i went over to Mom's SR Apartment at 2-3 in the morn because she could not handle him... I was blessed. I could sing to him or pray with him or humor him to a point most of the time( with the aide of the power medicine and the Lord) back to sleep... My family always said I would go to sleep to if it meant not hearing your singing!! lol
  16. Mans gotta sleep sometime, even in the middle of the day!! lol
  17. Ryan Maue said he sees it becoming a cat 5..Then said "There i said it!!
  18. Looks like we have a Major hurricane on our hands now
  19. I always heard the stronger hurricanes sometimes make their own determinations about direction for period of time
  20. Steve With the huge slow down of Dorian does it change where it goes as it move N over Florida? Or is the trough just going to sit there? I mean we are talking Saturday now before it gets to Charleston right? So nothing changes in 4 days or so to steer the system otherwise besides NE?
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