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  1. Rain close by this afternoon at Calhoun
  2. I am loving seeing the ridge broken and beautiful cool April weather in June. There could be a few 40’s tonight
  3. Finally getting some rain. Otherwise some void of any in some areas. No lightning hardly
  4. I would think a system like that would have a severe side with the heat already present and the humidity building
  5. Huge wedge tornado just North of Joplin. Tornado emergency
  6. Is it time to address the over abundance of storm chasers and the circus it has become. It is no longer a scientific attempt to garner evidence and information. It is now a thrill “ride” to make money. Was it ever anything else? #disgustedinGa
  7. It look as if the air was colder and further south than forecasted and the warm front lost the battle with the cold. Also I heard somewhere that the jet stream did get to the area until most of the storms were being influenced by a north wind inflow
  8. Looks like the cool air has taken a bite of the opp of severe weather in west Okl. Maybe there will be some storms later in the moist air, but so far nothing is showing south of Okl city.
  9. Either Mod- Steve or King Significant Tornado Parameters today in Okl are off the charts. 37.4 was mentioned. In retrospect, what were the STP’s in N Al in the April 27 outbreak?
  10. The weather channel has 99 for Lyons Ga about 10 days out, 95 for us
  11. The weather pattern setup for the country is a little disconcerting . With the ridge setting up in the East and the trough in the West, there will be record heat for us and round after round of severe weather for the Plains and s west. We are talking of temps as high as 100 for parts of our state and mid nighties for us. And the severe weather is going to be a storm chasers delight
  12. Looks like highs in mid and upper 90’s for parts of Georgia next week. Looks like it will remain hot now
  13. I think we have a few severe storms this evening. Nothing major but it would not surprise me to have a little flooding and some small hail
  14. Severe thunderstorm warning for Gordon county
  15. That is Dade county of course
  16. Fade county schools pushed back their time to dismiss 30 min
  17. Just saw the spc comments. They keep insisting the line will be weakening in the next little bit, especially the northern part that is now entering the state
  18. I thought I would add a few things here. Hurricanes are unlike tornadoes whereas they usually seen a week or more (in most cases) before its effects are felt. Most of the time you have available time to react. It may not be a hurricane when 1st tracking, but as soon as a feature is thought to be able to form forecasts are made. Being prepared for effects is the greatest thing you can do for a hurricane. If you live in a coastal area prone to receiving effects,staying prepared is your goal The more you have ready the better. Things like a generator, batteries, alternate heating sources, and food supplies, water etc. Keeping these handy saves expense, worry and time battling to get supplies in the frantic days before I am from Bay Minette Al , which is about 55 miles or less from the gulf. At the age of 59 I can say I went through Camille Frederick Ivan and many more. We never left but made sure we were in safe situations. In south Al the evacuation point is I-10 in a strong storm. Anything south has to evacuate Bay Minette is about 25 miles north of I-10. Here in N Ga we understand for us rainfall is the main worry from a tropical system But if it a Cat 3-5 when it comes in if it has any size to it at all we can prepare for wind also And of course another effect is (especially on the eastern side of a landfalling hurricane) is tornadoes. And as we mentioned before there is little advanced warning . Usually they are moving at a fast pace, quickly forming and short lived. But knowing where you are and the situations and effects a hurricane presents may save your life.
  19. Steve the good thing is one tropical system along the east coat or a system out of the gulf and the drought conditions are replaced by plenty of moisture
  20. I am a patient of Atlanta allergy for eczema and other skin problems
  21. Steve has worked so hard to insure we all are informed and briefed about weather and all it entails. He has provided all of us many sources available to help us be prepared for whatever event. It is sad some refuse to be educated and served by the hard work that is going in to this forum and the info provided. There is no need for one not to know IF!THEY SO DESIRE. If you are hear to ply the internet games some do in this age and time , may I suggest the door or an attitude adjustment. Too much care is spent for us to be informed and safe by Steve to waste it. This is my opinion and should it be considered out of line please delete it Sir.
  22. Just thinking out loud here, but with increased tornado numbers as we make the transition from Spring to Summer I look for some cool air hanging in to May. It may turn hot but it would seem you need the contrasting effect of a cold front to get the fuel .
  23. I saw where Dahlonega Weather had mentioned the possibilities.
  24. King or Steve. Snow tomorrow for 2500’ altitude?
  25. They mentioned significant tornado indexes of 4 in S Carolina. That is double what we had at times. But consider this- The April 27 outbreak had parameters near 12 , and at that time they thought10 was about high as you got. 64 parameters used to predict tornadoes The 27th outbreak there were 60 parameters screaming Tornado. No wonder we might not see such in our lifetimes. Almost perfect situation for huge tornadoes
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