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  1. Think this was ICON run from last night, but most models showing some snow outside the mountains Tuesday
  2. Larry Cosgrove did the same this weekend! What a horrible winter!🤮🤮
  3. I gave up on winter last week, but the 6z GEFS and ensembles, say don’t go testifying just yet!! Best they have looked all winter!
  4. This doesn’t sound good!! No sugar coating from DT!!!!
  5. After watching the GFSv3 cave this morning! I’m out! Nothing looking good through day 10 or longer on all the models! See yall next year, or a few rainy, wedge days in April, with highs in the low 40s, as happens every spring when -NAO finally goes negative and is useless
  6. This whole winters been a break! The lucky few who got lucky in early December, should rejoice! I have 60-70 degree highs forecasted through Friday, atleast here in Upstate SC! The models keep showing cold and stormy patterns 8-12 days out and then 2 days later, show above normal temps for the same timeframe. Still nothing in the long run that looks remotely good for cold and snow! The part that makes it worse is, 90-95% of winter forecasts, were for a fantastic, El Niño, blockbuster winter, it’s been far from it, actually acting like a Niña!?? Rant over, lol
  7. Everybody was saying nino winters have “ backloaded “ cold and snow since October! Since first half of Feb looks to be toasty, I’m losing Hope really quickly!! Don’t believe the “ our best snows come in March “ theories, when’s the last time that was true?? 2009??
  8. The models have really backed off the fantasy storms around the 10-15th timeframe! And cold gets stuck in the North! Uggghh the worst winter since 2011/12 for snowlovers!! Ensembles don’t look good, I think JB is punting till March, but he will punt until July, before he will admit his winter forecast of -4/-5 for the South was wrong!
  9. Today’s fantasy brought to you courtesy of 12Z GFSv3! 😂
  10. I can’t find a winter or February thread, but I must say, the models are looking possibly wintry between Feb 8th and 15th on both GFS’s, for multiple runs!
  11. This is what happens when the cold is nowhere around this year! I’m about ready to give up! As soon as cold goes away, this happens!:
  12. Somebody tell me the long range models looked better overnight!? I had a nightmare that we torch starting this weekend 60/70s next week and are hoping to get back to normal by 2/15!? It was horrible
  13. Yeah, when I hear people saying “ I’ve had good snows in March” it just sounds desperate! Lol! March 1 2009 was good to me though!
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