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  1. Based off the radar it looks like the worst of the line is almost done moving through Haralson county. Nothing more than heavy rain and some decent thunder and lightning. I think it thundered worse before the storm. Everyone stay safe!
  2. Yeah, I’m in Haralson county right near the AL/GA line and was expecting us to be included in a Tornado Watch or something. So far nothing.
  3. Will it be worse than the storms we had the other night/morning and a longer duration? It got one of our big trees and knocked out power out for 5 hours.
  4. I have a video that I put in the comments on your Facebook radar post. It wouldn’t let me do it here
  5. 52 and rain/sleet mix in Haralson county.
  6. Do areas outside extreme North GA and the mountains MIGHT seem accumulation late tonight?
  7. Those models are through next week. Is there something we don’t know about? 🤪😂
  8. What does that mean? Good or bad?
  9. Word is it’s looking to trend a little further south...thoughts?
  10. Can someone post a map showing how cold it’s going to get tomorrow? I’m curious because I’ve seen conflicting temps on different apps and sites. On the bright side NWS is putting Bremen as seeing a mix. 😬 We’ll see how it goes!
  11. Where is the cold air the moisture is supposed to be hitting? Is it a cold front?
  12. So do you think temps will possibly be cold enough to see snow, just not for it to stick? I think the temps in West GA are supposed to be 44/24. It’s either hit or miss for my area because of the freezing line set up
  13. Do y’all see this as having the potential to be something for West Georgia up to Rome? Just wondering because I might stick around on campus to see some snow ❄️
  14. Sadly nothing but rain here in Haralson county. Any chance of it switching over for us to get a little snow? 😭 My friends in Rome are getting a show
  15. I feel like everything I see is different. Weather Channel says all rain for West GA, Channel 2 is predicting all snow but no accumulation...guess we’ll all see in the morning!
  16. Anyone know how west Georgia like Haralson county is looking? Didn’t know if there was any difference from earlier
  17. Does that mean there will be more moisture to work with?
  18. Every county around us is under a Winter Weather Advisory. I’m in Haralson county and we’re always right on the line of any event. We’d get the start of it and hopefully early so it’ll be colder!
  19. What would the timing and length be on this if it happens?
  20. There was and it looked SO good 😂. I was watching this weekend because I was hoping for a birthday snow.
  21. Maybe this will be a surprise event. As far as I know, no one is talking about it much. Like they say, “Boom or bust.”
  22. Channel 2 is talking about it now. Hopefully we get lucky with a dusting. Never know! (I meant to say prefer snow over rain in my previous post) 😂
  23. What area are y’all looking at? I’m in West GA and I’m dying for some snow 😂. My weather app for tomorrow says 52 with morning showers and a low of 29. I much rather prefer rain over snow!
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