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  1. In all my years working in and around Jasper and Bent Tree and Big Canoe if it was going to rain it would be there if it was going to be overcast it would be there, was so odd to me that 20 min north it was fine and 20 min south it was fine, always wondered why that was, obviously it’s location has everything to do with that but maybe the rise there or something it will be interesting what you make of it living there.
  2. Mmoore


    Such an odd company Gm is how they can build such a car as this and the vette both world beating then build such junk, truly strange. But know doubt this series is fantastic no matter the name on the trunk
  3. Give us a synopsis on each post if you would as really helps “decode” graphs
  4. Just saw this ugghh send me a pm message On my Facebook and I can get you info on options
  5. Kinda hard to say the trend is up (or down) with data and testing so non linear as it’s currently all over the place with big testing increasing but reports of those test all over the place. Frustrating this current run looks like our peak is gonna be June lol we no that’s not true.
  6. We sell some very affordable things that do auto reboots with loss of internet and such, can help you out so this never happens again.
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