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  1. Do you have the daily increases of cases data somewhere? I am just curious how many cases are going up each day. I know there are probably thousands that won't be counted but I am just curious. Thanks for putting all this together!!
  2. Steve these are awesome! Thanks for sharing them!
  3. Now make Walton come to their senses!!!! 🙂 I hope it snows some!
  4. Just need Walton on that list!!!! Got any thoughts about Walton and that area? A lot of back roads and dirt roads for buses to go down! Thanks for always having the best information and keeping us up to date!
  5. I'm pretty sure I got pelted with sleet walking to the school from the car but might have been heavy rain drops......I too think it feels like snow but not sure we will get any. It smelled like it this morning on the way to the car!
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