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Ceramic Treatment



Just got the car back yesterday after taking it for a ceramic paint treatment. Since the car only has 13,000 miles on it and appears to be garage kept for its entire life and was in near perfect condition,  I wanted to protect the surface and make it easier to clean. So after doing a little research, I took the car to a place that's about 1 minute away from the Road Atlanta entrance called ZeroDefects. Chris had the car for three days and went over every exterior square inch. 

I went with the top of the line ceramic treatment from Gtechniq called Crystal Serum Ultra. There are other ceramic treatments that you can apply yourself, but this particular treatment has to be applied by an accredited dealer. But because of the steps taken to prepare the surface and the addition of this coating, there is a nine year guarantee for the treatment. 

The entire exterior of the car was treated and that includes all the paint, glass, trim, wheels, and calipers. The surface feels silky smooth and dirt just blows off. When it comes time to wash, generally a rinse with a hose takes what little dust may be on it. And the best part is that brake dust pretty much rinses off, so scrubbing necessary. Once I get me new wheels (they are being made as I type) I will have those treated before the tires are mounted.

So here are the pictures so far. The pictures don't do it great justice but you get the idea. The reflections are deep, and in the sun it looks like you can put your hands down in the paint. 🙂 It's very awesome. 
















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Which areas of the car was it the most difficult to correct the paint? I have to assume your car is free of all scratches and swirls? What products do you use to maintain the exterior?

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Honestly, the paint was perfect when I took it to the place to have it done. The car only had about 12,000 miles on it (only 16,700 right now) so he had to do very little correction. 

I use GTechniq Quick Detailer and the citrus wash. So far I like there products and the car looks awesome. I had two people come up to me at the BMW autocross and ask me if I just washed it before I got there. 🙂 I said, no, it just stays that way. 🙂 It also stays in a garage. 

2 hours ago, Bose said:

Which areas of the car was it the most difficult to correct the paint? I have to assume your car is free of all scratches and swirls? What products do you use to maintain the exterior?


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