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  2. Yeah that's the monster gulf low you have been looking for in the 12z GFS today way out in fantasy land! Not that it means anything at this point but it will be interesting if the 18z run and the subsequent days continue with the same general pattern it is hinting at in that time frame. There are some warm days in between now and then as expected but I am encouraged not to see any too concerning signs of the SE Ridge showing up.
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  4. 15th-20th shaping up to be our first real window at a region wide threat for the SE. Finally starting to see some 1030+ highs move across with those ULL's. Could be 2-3 storms in that window, we just need 1 to work out. Doesn't seem like too much to ask lol. But we know how things go around here. First things first, let's get the window itself inside 10 days to see if it's even real or just a mirage eternally hanging out at the end of the models.
  5. Speaking of, I was just commenting on the sheer destruction this would cause if realized. Micrograin of salt that far out, but it has been consistent for a week now.
  6. I had some good reflections the other day, so I had to snap some pictures. The ceramic treatment makes the car shine all the time. Can't squeeze anymore wheel and tire back there. 🙂 Here's an After/Before. Yes, I did it backwards. 🙂
  7. Good morning! Hope everyone enjoyed the weather yesterday, because today is not going to be quite as nice. Rain is knocking on our doorstep this morning and it looks like most of the day will be rainy. On the morning map (500 mb winds and isobars/temps) you can see the upper level low that is pushing off to the northeast, and the area of rain that it is generating will continue moving our direction, and by later this evening the whole area will have pushed off to the east. Our rain chances today will be relatively light with 0.5"-1.5" of rain expected across north Georg
  8. Trisha use to work here at the Atlanta office. 🙂
  9. Great weather discussion facilitated by Carolina Weather Group with the newly promoted Trish Palmer the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the National Weather Service Greenville-Spartanburg.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Good morning! This morning we have some crazy eyed face on our map. Does anyone remember "Mr. Bill"? 🙂 This morning, Mr. Bill's left eye upper level low (you are facing Mr. Bill) is our old snow maker that is being pulled back north for recycling, while our next weather maker for Friday (yellow mouth upper level low) is pushing our way. Mr. Bill's right eye is a large area of high pressure (ridge) over the western US. Here's the legend. 🙂 It's hard to be too serious when the weather is nice. 🙂 Pour me some more eggnog! I guess I better let the NWS do the
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  13. For a little further down the line. See if we can real one in from a long ways out lol
  14. LOL! The 06z Euro ensemble says a big fat NO.
  15. The GFS was close this morning, I need to go look at the latest.
  16. For the Mtns at least the Euro looks relatively close to something Sunday night into Monday.
  17. I need to go back to last years train wreck and see what it looked like.
  18. Yeah those really don't look too bad. Still generally troughing in the east and ridge in the west. Hopefully we can avoid too much of the dreaded zonal flow.
  19. The more snow laid down over the US, the better chance for us. Most of the time it is the cold we lack, not moisture.
  20. Here's a look at the extended models for the month of December. And for snow... Height anomalies look like this. All in all, not a bad looking trend. At least normal to below normal with temps due to an eastern US trough. It "appears" that the snow is close to normal. I don't see too much not to like.
  21. That would be nice. If I'm reading that correctly, that map shows the long term trend since 1990. Hope the article say that's what they think will happen as well. Do you have access to their site?
  22. Bamwx is saying mid December will have a -AO and lots of cold for most of the U S. sounds promising
  23. A beautiful day in store for today!
  24. Good morning to all! A cold night has already given way to a warming trend this morning as my temps here have already risen several degrees since their low earlier in the morning. On the morning map (500 mb isobars and wind/temps) you can see our snow maker moving off to the northeast as it takes on a slight negative tilt. Over the southeast the red line indicates a little area of high pressure that will bring us some fair weather for a couple of days before the next system over the Rockies swings east bringing increased rain chances to our area. High pressure builds in far west behind th
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