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April 12-13 Severe Weather Event

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Just a little something I wrote yesterday.  Maybe it will redirect your fear to hope on this Day ----      Happy Easter Easter Short Story by Ricky Aldridge He is not here----He is Risen.M

Okay, To avoid over worrying myself, I am gonna leave for a bit. Don't worry, have good ways to get alerts. Goodbye for now everyone, stay safe.

It seems like Dawson County is clear now, so I am heading to bed, goodnight everyone.

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5 minutes ago, Nic said:

What about the line just entering Mississippi again? Hi-res has it fizzling out before it gets here. Accurate?

I was thinking that same thing. I may have no clue what im talking about but hrrr and nam 3km both looked like that line would start to weaken slightly when it hit GA. Please someone who knows more than me, correct me if im wrong. Im still trying to learn. Lol

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2 minutes ago, NorthGeorgiaWX said:

That line is only severe thunderstorms, I  haven't seen any tornadoes in that line yet and I suspect it will stay that way. It's the first line I'm most worried about.

When is the first line expected, or is that the line going on now?

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We have all our alerts turned on.  College age kids are up and will be for a while.  I don't know if I can go to bed, knowing what may be headed our direction.  Do you have any ideas on timing or severity of what might be headed to Cobb County?  Maybe if things have settled a little, I could go to bed.  But if it is still Danger, Danger, Will Robinson -- maybe I'll just stay up for the duration...


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3 minutes ago, LHarkins913 said:

Steve. This is prob random, but would this “gash” indicate some straight line winds? It’s definitely throwing some strong values in a few places, I’ve been eyeing it for a few mins. 


Ummm, not sure. I would look at different tilts and see if it shows up on those.

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