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Good morning!

It's a little brisk out there this morning isn't it? 🙂 I recorded a 30 mph wind gust a little after 4 am this morning and a 32 mph gust yesterday, so we've definitely had some winds. And along with the wind comes the cold air riding in with them. On this mornings map (temps/850 mb winds/300 mb isobars) you can see that a surface high is sitting over the boothill of Missouri/west TN and that is wrapping colder air into our area this morning. That high will continue to shift east as the day progresses and keep us crisp and clear. 



Here in my neck of the woods this morning it was looking like this around 5:30 am



Some of the areas in the mountains will struggle to get out of the 50's today. These are the forecast highs and their anomalies.




We will warm up a little tomorrow and we'll see some more clouds later in the day, but the temperatures will warm up some and it should turn out to be a beautiful Sunday. 



Nothing out of the ordinary going on right now. The upcoming week should be relatively tranquil like it normally is in the fall. We will warm up some but it won't be hot. This is my forecast, yours will vary a little bit, and again, I have your specific forecast over at DaculaWeather.com.



Both the GFS and Euro ensembles are seeing another step down in temperatures for the week of the 26th, so we'll be looking for that cooler air to arrive just in time for Trick-or-Treat. Here I'm using Blairsville as the example. 




Otherwise, just your normal fall weather. The winds should calm down today so it definitely won't be as windy as yesterday. I hope you can get out and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!

Have a great Saturday!




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