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  1. Things are progressing, although never as fast as I'd want it to. The room is a struggle to work with since one side has large glass windows and the other side is open with a bar, stairs, and a hallway. There are large bedrooms on each end of the media room so the room can't be expanded those directions. They did a modal review of the room and initially placed the subwoofers in these locations. THe subwoofer where the arrow from from was not going to work in that position as it would have to stick out in the floor. My suggestion In the bar area where I drew the red box is an ice maker that no longer works and is too expensive to fix. It made 60 lbs of ice a day so it's not a little icemaker. 🙂 WE have plans on removing that and adding shelves, but it would be a great place for that subwoofer to go and it would be hidden. We can add black fabric panels in place of the wood panels that you currently see. The original modal graph looked like this. Notice all of the peaks. After their original placement it looked like this. Much smoother. Again, the room is far from ideal. We will be using acoustic panels extensively in order to help with the room acoustics, and the rest will be managed during the final Trinnov calibration.
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  2. Done with appearance items for a while! Thanks to James Renick for many of the items on both the cars. We couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out. There is always more to do though... the fun never stops. 🙂 The wife's car now gets: Cue update so she can get Android Auto New RE-alignment. Yes, to fix the current one AEM wideband/XDI translator/plugs install Justin Schmidt tune to replace the Trifecta tune I'll have them service the diff/trans/anything else that needs service when it's in for the Cue update... it has 56k miles My car needs: Have to replace the Tapout Stage 2 LPFP that is supposedly a DW400... we'll see but I don't think it is. I have a new XDI LPFP pump waiting to go in. Install Renick CAI and new plugs To the dyno to see how well Justin has done 🙂 After the dyno I see I need more power, we'll install a fuel cam. Not much left to do now! Here is a link to more of the pictures that I took today: ATS-V Appearance Items Done - Google Photos PHOTOS.APP.GOO.GL 25 new photos added to shared album
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