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  1. Meanwhile, back in the upper peninsula of Michigan...
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  2. Good morning! It's a little breezy out there this morning! I had a 29 mph wind gust around 5:01 am this morning. It seems to have died down some but it is still blowing. There will be some clouds and light showers passing through this morning as our cold front pushes south. On the morning map (300 mb isobars/850 mb winds/700 mb winds/water vapor) you can see the trough swinging through this morning and along with it a line of very light showers. The front will continue to push south through the and bring much drier and cooler air to our area.
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  3. You mean this? 🙂
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  4. Some early season eye candy for the Southeast on the 06Z GFS out in 10+ day fantasy land! 🤣 Some good surges of fall weather certainly look to be in order though!
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