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  1. 02/22/21 My car has been at the dealer another 10 days. Cadillac was called on Friday. I finally got to talk to the technician and explained what was going on, so he now knows what do to. What a waste of a month. The good news is the the wheels for the wife's car have shipped! Now I need to call Gran Turismo East and get scheduled to install. The images below are the wheels on my car, and hers are EXACTLY the same in every aspect except for the rear offset which is slightly different between the coupe and sedan.
  2. I relate to Tim Allen in more ways than one. 🙂 But I certainly agree that everything could use more power. 🙂 I'm doing things to our cars right now that give them more power, and it takes lots of power to drive a media room, so this will be my new "engine" that I'll be using for my power. I've always owned high power amplifiers from early on. The speakers that I've owned have been inherently inefficient do to their design and required a lot of power to drive them, and their low impedance made that even more difficult, so having a stable high power amp was very important. I also like havi
  3. 02/18/21 The low pressure fuel pump arrived today and James Renick said the wheels are in the box and should ship out tomorrow. I also received the AEM wideband AFR sensors and gauges that will be used in the tuning process.
  4. Every home theater system has a sound processor of some type to manage the inputs and outputs as well as the sound processing. On low end systems you would have a receiver that would handle those chores, and as you move up you might have a dedicated preamp that handles the same task. as you know, there are many different types of sound formats in use and they all require decoding in order to send the sound to the correct speaker. Some receivers/preamps even have their own automated calibration setup that utilizes a calibrated mic to adjust the time delay, frequency response, etc of your speake
  5. Ahhhh.... the nitty gritty. Yes, we have to make the room look nice AND sound nice, but to get the "sound nice" part, you need to start off with some hardware. It's like a car. It's one thing to make it look nice, but to make it fast, you have to throw hardware at it. 🙂 Just like the weather, there are a lot of pieces that go together to make a good system, and along with the hardware, one of the most important pieces is the room itself. That is a whole other post as it gets complicated, so I'll save that for later. I'm sure that some of you know, there is unlimited money that can be thr
  6. I finally have a plan... 🙂 My car has been at the Cadillac dealer for three weeks now as they tried to figure out what the clunking noise is in the left front of the car, and it appears that the front sway bar migrated to the left and was touching something and making that noise. I've ordered collars to go on the bar that should arrive Tuesday that will keep it centered with the frame, hopefully that will fix the problem. Next, I have Friday March 5 appointment with Teddy Knisely to install the flex fuel sensor, Aric Miller high pressure fuel pump, AEM wideband sensor, and Deatschwerks D
  7. There are all kinds of home theater rooms with as many different styles as there are people, but I'm not sure I like the term "home theater" for the room that we're going to create, because "theater" is not the primary reason for the room. I love music, doesn't matter what kind, as long as it's good music. 🙂 But more importantly, one thing that makes all the music better is a good sound system. With that in mind, the room will be designed around the best "sound" that I'm willing to pay, and trust me, you can spend a LOT more than I am. The video/"theater" portion of the room is secondary for m
  8. Part of my problem is finding any place with dyno time.
  9. I'm really torn here. I've paid good money to Trifecta to get a good tune, and I think it's ok. But I see guys making big power with very little mods, and I feel like I'm missing out. Here's an example. Compare the mods... I will have downpipe, flex fuel sensor, 35% fuel pump, and E47. I should be making this much or more after Justin's tune, "if" that's who I go with. With Trifecta, just not sure I'll even have 600.
  10. 2017 CADILLAC ATS-V SPECIFICATIONS OVERVIEW Model: Cadillac ATS-V coupe and sedan Body style / driveline: 2-door luxury sport luxury coupe (RWD) or 4-door sport luxury sedan (RWD) Construction: unitized welded steel body with direct-mounted front cradle and rubber-isolated, multi-link independent rear suspension GM vehicle class: compact luxury car ENGINES
  11. NEW FOR 2017 AVAILABLE CARBON BLACK SPORT PACKAGE CADILLAC CUE ENHANCEMENTS INCLUDING TEEN DRIVER AND COLLECTION PRODUCT INFORMATION 2017 CADILLAC ATS-V: the smallest and lightest V-Series sedan and coupe ever receive technology enhancements and an available Carbon Black sport package The first-generation Cadillac ATS-V introduced class-leading twin-turbocharged performance and a comprehensive suite of design and performance systems to the lightest and smallest V-Series Sedans and Coupe models ever. The 2017 Cadillac ATS-V ad
  12. Also discovered that the rear sway bar had not been tightened down at all. The nuts were not even finger tight. So as good as the car felt, there were many things not right with the car. Can't wait to try again with everything fixed. The car goes tp the dealer tomorrow (01/25/21) for the clunking in the left front of the car. Knowing what I know was wrong, I could easily see a two second improvement in the times.
  13. It's an addiction, somebody help me!!! 😎 Several things going on with the cars now, we will start with Amy's car first. The new grills and emblems are here, so I'm ready to either find someone to paint the hood and bumper cover or get it wrapped, and I'll be exploring those options next week. The Swift springs are on the way here but the wheels haven't shipped yet. I need to ask James about those but I know he takes his time. Once they ship I'll order the new tires. I'd really like to have the wheels ceramic coated before they go on the car. I have ordered a flex fuel sensor fo
  14. I have two audio files of a cold startup, one of my car and one of the the wife's car. These were recorded at 44khz so it's CD quality if you decide to play them on a good sound system (which I recommend), otherwise they lose all the lower frequencies. I played it on mine and it sounds exactly like the car is sitting in the room. 🙂 Driving, I like my setup better. The wife's car has a loud rasp every time it shifts, where the sound from my car is smoother. They both scream once you get on it. 🙂 This one is my 2017 with Renick DP's and stock exhaust. 2017 ATS-V.wav The other
  15. The car we bought for my wife isn't quite as nice as the one i drive. And it's not that it's not nice, it's just that it's one year older and has 53,000 miles on it, so the exterior could use a little bit of a facelift. I would like for hers to look as good as the other car, so I decided it was time for a few changes. I ordered some new wheels for the car, and they are exactly the same wheels as I have on my V, Renick Performance RP556 in gloss black. These are the max wheel and tire sizes that can be stuffed in the wheel well of these cars. On mine I put 265/30-19 Michelin PS4S tires on
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