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  1. All kinds of data issues tonight ------------------- SENIOR DUTY METEOROLOGIST NWS ADMINISTRATIVE MESSAGE NWS NCEP CENTRAL OPERATIONS COLLEGE PARK MD 2249Z THU NOV 26 2020 ...DATAFLOW ISSUE UPDATE... NCO continues to investigate the ongoing issue with the flow of model and observational data to the field. Known impacts from this ongoing issue include: - Observational data, including METAR and aircraft data are not being disseminated to the NWS field offices, WCOSS, the FAA, the DOD, and the airlines since 20Z. - Data is not being disseminated to the tg
  2. Someone asked a similar question on the NGW page and I told them the same thing. We may not know until Saturday or Sunday the specific details as far as who gets what and how much. There is a lot of energy flying around on the models right now and how it all plays out is going to be fun to watch no matter what. I find ULL's extremely fascinating.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well @Dyan!! Hope it's a great one!
  4. Good morning and happy Thanksgiving to you!
  5. Good morning! I'm getting my smeller ready for all the great aromas today... 🙂 Our exiting trough is zipping on out to sea this morning while our next weather maker is swinging down out of the Rockies, and that system is going to bring some heavy rain and colder air to north Georgia starting this weekend and into early next week. I think I'll let the NWS do the talking to start with... I know most of you don't want to know anything about the rain... so. Let's look at the ensemble mean for
  6. I would say confidence is increasing. 18z GFS and ensemble.
  7. The Euro has the ULL 10 mb stronger than the GFS, but the GFS has started to trend in the Euro direction. Euro GFS GFS Trend from previous run
  8. The current upper level low. https://whirlwind.aos.wisc.edu/~wxp/goes16/grb/meso_wvc/meso2_30.html
  9. Here are the latest GFS/Euro operational and ensembles. Euro Euro Ensemble Euro Ensemble Control GFS GFS Ensemble
  10. And they are all jumping in on it which is surprising.
  11. Somewhat of a weak wedge has built into the area bringing low clouds and easterly winds. I'm still at 46 degrees And that is pretty much everyone in Big Canoe and the surrounding area.
  12. Didn't talk about it this morning, but the winds in the higher elevations are going to really pick up from the south today, so if you or anyone you know has a southwest to southeast facing exposure, get ready. Those winds will last through tomorrow morning before they die down.
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