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  1. The Euro has the ULL 10 mb stronger than the GFS, but the GFS has started to trend in the Euro direction. Euro GFS GFS Trend from previous run
  2. The current upper level low. https://whirlwind.aos.wisc.edu/~wxp/goes16/grb/meso_wvc/meso2_30.html
  3. Here are the latest GFS/Euro operational and ensembles. Euro Euro Ensemble Euro Ensemble Control GFS GFS Ensemble
  4. And they are all jumping in on it which is surprising.
  5. Somewhat of a weak wedge has built into the area bringing low clouds and easterly winds. I'm still at 46 degrees And that is pretty much everyone in Big Canoe and the surrounding area.
  6. Didn't talk about it this morning, but the winds in the higher elevations are going to really pick up from the south today, so if you or anyone you know has a southwest to southeast facing exposure, get ready. Those winds will last through tomorrow morning before they die down.
  7. November 25, 1970 The temperature at Tallahassee, FL, dipped to 13 degrees, following a high of 40 degrees the previous day. The mercury then reached 67 degrees on the 26th, and highs were in the 70s the rest of the month. (The Weather Channel)
  8. November 25, 1950 A great storm hit the Northern and Central Appalachians with snow and high winds. Winds reached hurricane force along eastern slopes of the Appalachians, with gusts to 100 mph at Hartford CT, 110 mph at Concord NH, and 160 mph at Mount Washington NH. Heavy rain also hit the eastern slopes, with eight inches reported at Slide Mountain NY. The western slopes were buried under heavy snow. The storm produced record snowfall totals of 27.7 inches at Pittsburgh PA, and 36.3 inches at Steubenville OH. The snow, and record cold temperatures, resulted in 160 deaths. (25th-26th) (Dav
  9. Well... it's looking more and more like snow! Lots to share today!
  10. Good morning! It's Thanksgiving eve! 🦃🙂 I'm ready for my turkey! 🙂 But first things first, it's time for the weather! Our first closed upper level low is sitting over Kansas this morning and it has already started pulling in some very cold air back behind it. The map (500 mb isobars/850-700-500 mb winds/temps) shows those cold temps that are starting to pour into the country riding on strong northerly winds wrapping around the low. Although this first low is relatively weak and the energy with it will be pulling off to the northeast, I want to show a few characteristic
  11. LOL! The NWS didn't like the stuff I was posting about that and then they were the ones that busted big time. I remember it very well. 😉
  12. I know it is, that's why I was wondering. 🙂 I'd know those initials anywhere! 🙂
  13. Then he's not far from us here in Big Canoe. I share my NGW FB post to two different Ellijay FB groups. Maybe he follows those. 🙂
  14. For a much better explanation of the tropopause... https://blog.weather.us/dynamic-tropopause/
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