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  1. Was just coming on to share this.
  2. I had a rain gauge, but it was destroyed in one of our storms. I haven’t replaced it yet! Thank you.
  3. Morning, Steve. Where can we find rainfall totals for our particular area? Thanks!
  4. We have a hurricane song? 😂
  5. I’m not liking those ensembles!
  6. I just saw Brad Panovich (out of Charlotte) say she’s showing signs of turning into a CAT 5.
  7. It’s been very eerie in Dunwoody. No birds chirping...just the wind blowing through. It’s ominous, for sure. Y’all be safe.
  8. Two of my weather apps are showing snow for next Saturday. Don’t worry, I know all about weather apps, which is why I follow you.
  9. Metro is now included in a winter advisory.
  10. Power out in Dunwoody. Getting ready to be hit hard.
  11. Hey, Steve. Is the timing for ATL metro still about the same?
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