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  1. At my house, just north of Dawsonville at around 1600' in elevation was 48 degrees at 6am this morning. That's a crazy temperature difference you got there.
  2. This late in the game I'll take whatever we can get ❄️
  3. Dawson County schools are closed tomorrow. Maybe they know something we don't 😂
  4. What's the likelyhood of it changing over to rain by this afternoon?
  5. Accumulated in last 30 minutes north of Dawsonville
  6. Cloudy and 27.6 here in central Dawson and nothing reaching the ground yet 😕
  7. How high is the confidence that north central Wisconsin will see snow this coming weekend October 12-13?
  8. Looks like we may get a a brief snow shower if temps keep dropping.
  9. They called schools for Dawson so I took off work in hopes of playing in the snow with my kids, man that was a mistake. Looks like I'll being going in to work later today
  10. Hopefully this will bring more to the Dawson county area. We always seem to have a bubble that prevents us from getting any good winter precipitation except for the burnt mnt area.
  11. I'm really liking that little blue spot right over my house
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