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  1. I'm sure my power will be out at 7am, so I won't be reading your wisdom and insights, but ... sleep well and enjoy the storm! Is 'enjoy' the right verb? Y'all stay well!
  2. @Steve - thinking about the highest wind that's ever hit a house I lived in. Hurricane Sandy threw 80mph wind gusts at the 110 year old house I lived in and it was interesting to watch the siding blow off and go flying down the glacially-carved hollow behind my house. I remember wondering if I'd be able to recover it beneath all the tree limbs I could see cracking off. That house did alright, despite the DIY madness of prior owners who did things like wall over cheap porches and stack them on blocks. Unfortunately, you kinda never know what you got until a good one hits... tie you
  3. Nic - normally I'd be envious... I was there last Fri (high altitude side / Dally Gap) and it was gorgeous. Cohutta's my happy place. Good luck with the next few days and hang in there.
  4. Has the track been moving slightly northwest? I'm in southeastern Atlanta metro and NWS has us w 40mph wind gusts. Meanwhile, WSB tv mets are calling for widespread power outages. Admittedly, their coverage area stretches into all of N and NW Georgia, and even includes part of NC; but this storm looks like a freight train and we're on the tracks. Whatever happens down here, this is unfortunately going to curbstomp a lot of places in the mountains with winds at altitude - current NWS track has a direct hit on the Cohutta wilderness. Atmosphere blows a kiss up there and the roads are litt
  5. Thank you for the explanations above! I am well below a rank amateur at understanding this class of phenomenon, but you explained it very well. Re: Atlanta weather radar and Big Canoe - thats funny. I do a fair amount of hiking / running / fishing in Dawson Forest WMA, and coming in from the top trailheads (Monument rather than Steve Tate), its startling how low the clouds almost always are. Monument is often completely socked in with fog, and I don't think I've ever been in that place Mar - Oct when it didn't feel dripping wet. Stream flows - even the falls - are strong (and in some
  6. Steve - the lack of rain over the past eight days should help a bit, right? I was living in NY for Andrea in 2013, it poured five inches in a day, in a combination of steady drizzle and periodic intense bands, and that was all fine. The break between the bands provided time for drainage to happen, except for (as you noted) low lying areas that are always flood prone. We had a few focused storms here over the summer that pummeled my area in a brief timeframe; I think as long as the intensity remains below that and gives everyone breaks between the bands to drain out, seven inches over a
  7. I'm flying back in a few days - my kids are here for the whole month and then flying home alone. It is really green, isnt it? I have never seen it so green. My parents insisted they've been in a drought, although the last few days have been rainy. The Ammonusic river was going pretty strong all the way to the top, so maybe the higher altitude has gotten a lot of flow-down precipitation. The Great Gulf and Gulf of Slides were incredibly green, although the lakes and rivers are pretty low. Guess this mountainside vegetation is sucking it all up and more efficient? And you're so right,
  8. Good morning! Drove my kids up to my parents' house for the month of July and while here, made a day for a hike up one of your favorite places... we did a 9 mi loop, 6 hours, taking the Ammanusic Ravine trail to the top and the Jewell down, starting and ending at Marshfield Station, where the Cog departs. We had the best day I've ever had up there - sunny, bright, no precipitation, 55 degrees at the top with a steady but reasonable breeze. The top is all closed, and traffic was light. I'd say the Cog was at 30% capacity? Maybe? Lake of the Clouds hut was open for light menu and ru
  9. There is an amazing amount of change at every conceivable natural level between the ridge-and-valley of northwest Georgia and the Cohutta, which is the crumbling end of the Applachian chain, and everything east. Being the de facto border of so much change both makes Pigeon Mountain and the Cohutta two of the most interesting places to spend time in the wilderness east of the Mississippi. Most other places you go have a lot of self-similarity to what is around them, but in a surprisingly scant distance, these two have a staggering spectrum of differences. One of my favorite views in the
  10. Got up at 7am and smoked eight pounds of brisket, just in case.
  11. As an aside, thank you for your time, effort, and site-building skills that keep us all properly informed. You are a true citizen!
  12. Ugh - that's going to toss trees all over down here in southeast ATL metro. Any chance it'll have less juice by the time it gets here?
  13. I've been in two derechos - Minnesota in 1998 and Maryland in 2012 - and they were both exceedingly unpleasant. Nothing like seeing the tattered remains of a gas station sign next to the road and noting that there's no gas station anywhere within sight. How far did the sign travel? If I remember correctly, the Minnesota one was the same night as the tornado that destroyed Spencer, SD - my friend and I drove into SD the next day. I suppose we have to wait a bit before we have gust forecasts for in-town Atlanta? The atmosphere so much as sneezes down here and I lose power.
  14. That's Winnipesaukee, from the northern end of the lake. Big Squam (famous for the setting of On Golden Pond) is about 20 minutes away, and Little is attached through a channel. My great aunt used to have 300 yards of frontage and two cement piers on Little Squam ... and the craziest, most rambling house over it you have ever seen. Closets full of bats, antiques, and moonshine (yes we do it here, too). Somewhere out there on the Internet, there are ice clocks for Squam, live tracking when you can go out on the ice and the time until ice out. The old Squam people are serious about the
  15. Yes, just let me know when you're on your way! The lake cabin is closed until the spring, but the big house has a generator, satellite internet, and an in-law above the garage. My dad has installed a weather station on the shed and I'm looking at its data later this afternoon, after he finishes snow-blowing the driveway... Another fun event here you might appreciate is ice-out. Some of the smaller lakes have already frozen, but Winnipesaukee won't freeze over until mid-January. Once it does, people will haul ice fishing houses onto the lake, and there's an ice fishing derby mid F
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