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  1. Snowing again over here in Paulding. Sticking to the cars now...
  2. On and off mix of sleet and small flurries out here in Paulding since about 1720!
  3. Wind whipping woke us up out here! Whew!
  4. Ooh. 12z bringing it back somewhat... yeah come on.
  5. Agreed. It’s like “ohhhhh you almost had it... but no” 😂 were starting to get better in range for the Canadian too. I’ll never forget it was the only one that saw us getting the FOOT of snow in Paulding in December that year(memory fails... it was 17 or 18😂) ... I love watching this stuff develop.
  6. Not sure, I know he follows you though thru NGW itself! You’re in prime position this year... lucky ! Haha
  7. My dad lives in Ellijay on a mountain so I went ahead and gave him the “hey, um, perk your ears up” comment yesterday. I’m ready to ride this coaster! 🙌
  8. I’m just thinking if it gets too cold, it’ll dry the air out. Definitely something being sniffed out though. I LOVE this time of year!
  9. It almost looks like ANOTHER tropical system that gets pulled up on the GFS. Snowacane? 😂 it’s 2020... nothing shocks me anymore 😂
  10. Good to know it’ll be nice today! I’ve been hoping all week! Celebrating my eldests birthday outside this afternoon! have an awesome day Steve!
  11. Still powerless in Paulding. Cell service is spotty, took 5 mins to even get on this page. Steve can you confirm that the winds that are whipping thru currently aren’t going to worsen, or are meant to be of concern? I can’t access any of my weather apps, can barely get on Facebook
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