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  1. 15th-20th shaping up to be our first real window at a region wide threat for the SE. Finally starting to see some 1030+ highs move across with those ULL's. Could be 2-3 storms in that window, we just need 1 to work out. Doesn't seem like too much to ask lol. But we know how things go around here. First things first, let's get the window itself inside 10 days to see if it's even real or just a mirage eternally hanging out at the end of the models.
  2. For a little further down the line. See if we can real one in from a long ways out lol
  3. For the Mtns at least the Euro looks relatively close to something Sunday night into Monday.
  4. Yeah those really don't look too bad. Still generally troughing in the east and ridge in the west. Hopefully we can avoid too much of the dreaded zonal flow.
  5. http://www.highonleconte.com/daily-posts/december-12020 Leconte Lodge up on top in the smokies with 11 inches of fresh snow and a low of 7 degrees 🥶
  6. Very little, just occasional bursts of flurries really. Definitely won't even see a dusting unless we can score more of a shower at some point. Maybe the NW part of the county is fairing better.
  7. Looks like Glenn needs to read this forum cause he should know why there are no returns over the mountains...
  8. That looks great! Hopefully we get a classic gulf storm this winter to watch on it.
  9. Looking at the radar all the way back through TN and KY and if you didn't know what's going to happen you'd think it's gonna snow a ton here tonight. But those pesky mountains lol
  10. Pavement starting to cover in the smokies now. I'm sure they've got a few inches by now. Excited to see the report from Leconte Lodge in the morning to see how much they get up at the top. Edit: Wow! Even better now. Pictures just 45 minutes apart. They're getting into the heavy stuff now.
  11. Some partly cloudy flurries here now. Looks like, from my vantage point, they could be a bit heavier to my West and NW.
  12. Wow, absolutely shocked to see that. Definitely don't see it being warranted. Maybe just being overly cautious with it being the first of the season.
  13. Pretty much a constant feature around here for winter events it seems. Even our gulf storms have that dreaded lee side low bubble. Thankfully in those scenarios we usually have enough elevation for it not to matter. But it really screws Stephens, Franklin, Hart, and Upstate SC a lot. But still, if anything like the NAM is showing happens I'd expect to see some scattered flurries break containment during the period of maximum forcing this evening into tonight. But of course it's the most aggressive of the models. Time will tell I guess.
  14. Well, GSP has completely removed even the slightest chance of flurries out of my forecast. Hoping mother nature can prove them wrong.
  15. In the smokies today and tonight. Looking at those maps makes me wish I didn't have to go home. Probably about the worst spot to be in the mountains with a setup like this. I'd like to drive west toward Blairsville Monday evening but the flash freeze potential scares me with temps dropping that fast.
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