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  1. Finally have cell service at my house now. Nothing else is back, but it's nice just to not feel cutoff from the outside world again. This cold front is definitely pretty gusty tonight along with a bit more light rain. I've now come to understand that the main high voltage transmission lines that deliver power to the substations here in the county went down, explaining the extensiveness of the outage. The regular crews don't touch these, so they had to wait for specialized crew and equipment to be able to fix things. My power has just cut back on literally as I was typing this, so hats of
  2. Whew, what a day. Just had to take a drive just to find some cell service. Been cutoff from the outside world since my last post this morning. No power, no wifi, no cell service. Must be some pretty big issues with the power grid here right now because we are still at near 98% out.
  3. Welp... With this update Rabun now takes the top spot. Worried to see what the tree damage is like with numbers like that...
  4. If you click on the county it will pull up the exact numbers for that county. At last check Gilmer county is the worse off with 83% out.
  5. Definitely an unmistakable trend with the highest outage percentages running along the counties on the southern edge of the ridge line.
  6. Just updated again, over a million out now. Crazy. Guess a lot of counties might have to cancel digital school too.
  7. Knew it was coming eventually with the way the wind was blowing, but I'm officially in the dark now.
  8. Haven't looked but I'd say it's starting to pick up a bit now. Can hear limbs hitting the top of the house.
  9. Knew I had a little longer than those to the west so I slept til 5. Peak gust so far is 20 but I know higher is just on the doorstep.
  10. Small shift yeah. Worst of the winds over on the west side of the state were adjusted slightly northward in response. The Atlanta metro was in the 60-70 gusts, but now it's pushed more towards Rome. But as you said for most, other than those on the far southern edge, it really makes no difference.
  11. Worst of it moving in during the early morning pre-dawn hours and then moving out by late morning.
  12. Not that the winds will be stronger than a potential tornado, just that they are by far the biggest threat from the storm. The tornado chance isn't zero, but it is extremely low. Sustained winds and gusts from the storm, combined with saturated soils are the biggest risks to worry about. Followed by flash flooding if you are in a low lying area.
  13. No real changes outside of the adjustments made this morning when it became clear that landfall intensity was going to be a little higher than initially expected.
  14. Yeah, we've received quite a bit more rain today than was expected. But it seems maybe there'll be enough of a gap between this mornings heavy rain and tonight's/tomorrow's to allow them to get it all sent downstream ahead of the main event. Rainfall rates will definitely be torrential in the heart of the storm but, as you said, hopefully it will be short-lived enough to avoid any major issues. Land slides and debris flows will continue to be a worry as well when soils are as unstable as they are now. Add the wind putting pressure on the root systems and could definitely see some banks and roa
  15. This is what the Tropical Storm Warning for your area says about tornados. And yes, the center will cross very near or over a lot of North GA. Can't say exactly where it tracks, but it makes no difference for impacts. TORNADO - LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: - Situation is unfavorable for tornadoes - THREAT TO LIFE AND PROPERTY THAT INCLUDES TYPICAL FORECAST UNCERTAINTY IN TRACK, SIZE AND INTENSITY: Tornadoes not expected - The tornado threat has remained nearly steady from the previous assessment. - PLAN:
  16. Interesting. Rabun decided against digital due to the likelihood of power and internet outages.
  17. I'd say all the same risks exist in your area, just to a slightly lower degree. Your just far enough away from the center to avoid the sustained winds needed for the warning, but for all intents and purposes it's still gonna be rainy and windy.
  18. Welp... That expanded for sure. I took solace in the fact that I was only in the likely category yesterday.
  19. This will be in and out much faster than Ivan. And the severe storm potential is much lower than with Ivan. For the time being I view it as a sort of mix between Ivan and Irma. The quick in and out punch of wind from Irma with the heavy tropical rain from Ivan. But in reality it's hard to compare storms, until the aftermath.
  20. The local Ema was absolutely wrong. At no point has any official forecast called for 50-60 in this area. Peak gusts around 40 has been the call the entire time, other than NWS GSP which was calling for peak of 30 yesterday. They have since raised it to 40. This is the hourly grid for Hiawassee from NWS Atlanta. It absolutely has not come down, it has been increased in the last hour.
  21. NHC now has the storm still at Tropical Storm strength as it passes over North GA. Guess this is because of the faster forward speed and now slightly stronger than expected landfall.
  22. If I'm mistaken about that, fine, I apologize. I didn't recall the Tropical advisories expanding that far on the North East side of the system, as we will be much closer to the center with this storm. That aside though, my peak wind gust here in Tiger with Irma was around 40 mph. Even GSP is calling for the same peak gusts this time, and the soils are far softer now. I don't see how anyone has been hyping the system. 30-50 mph gusts will create a lot of damage just like they have in the past. Unless you don't believe we see gusts that high, even with the NWS calling for them, then I don't
  23. Lol, well I can read between the lines enough to see that you are referring to me. We didn't even go under a Tropical Storm Watch with Irma and we now are. Tropical systems with this type of forward speed are pretty rare. This has every bit of potential as Irma did especially with how soft our soils are, which as you know we've already had issues with even without the wind. I mentioned GSP because even the meteorologists within their forecast area disagreed with them. Their forecasts prior to the recent updates, were not at all matching up with surrounding forecast offices, Peachtree City
  24. I started feeling the same yesterday about GSP. I'm actually far more worried about this one than Irma. We stayed dry during Irma and still got the damage we did. This time soils are absolutely soaked from the last few months, and we're already at an inch and a half today out ahead of the winds. This one reminds me of Ivan in 2004, just a slightly weaker storm.
  25. Really hoping they'll go ahead and cancel school up here for Thursday. If this is anything like Irma there'll be tons of kids that won't be able to get home by the afternoon, not to mention the risk of trees falling during the morning bus routes.
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