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  1. Thank you for that, ah--colorful update!
  2. Steve has mentioned it a few times (that's what got my attention, I thought it was just hype). I assume as the time frame gets closer conversation will spin up here considerably.
  3. Is that why everybody was pounding hellbent for leather to the local Walmart today? I thought they'd gotten another toilet paper shipment in or something.
  4. I had cell service earlier, but now I don't. Not sure if it's downed towers or just the system getting overloaded.
  5. I know it's been a busy 24 hours or so, but I just noticed we're all still posting in yesterday's thread. :)
  6. Oh, dear. 😞 We're actually still online in my little corner of Lumpkin County...amazing, since the juice is off all around us. The landline is out but that's Windstream so... 😉
  7. Can't say there have been many times I've been sitting with my window open just a few days before Halloween!
  8. Well, Steve, I hope you have a fresh pot of coffee at hand, gonna be one of those nights. Be safe, everyone!
  9. I worry more about the comparisons to Irma, and the fact that Steve is mentioning them (he's not one to hype needlessly). I remember that well enough...I went on into work because my boss couldn't call me to tell me to stay home...all the power, cellphone, and landline phone service was out.
  10. *channels George Carlin briefly* Ah. Well, this should be interesting...
  11. Me too! I've got to say, I've lived in this area for 32 years now and have never seen flooding on a catastrophic scale. Just gonna keep my fingers crossed that the trend continues.
  12. So you're saying I should bring an umbrella to work this week. 😉
  13. We could in North Georgia as well, but I'm starting to see nervous messages on my social media feed from various weather pages about excessive rainfall from Sally. We don't need it all at once, Sally, y'hear? :P
  14. I note that there's a line of thunderstorms ambling in our general direction from TN, Steve. Our forecast does not mention rain at all, so I assume we're expecting those to fizzle before they reach us?
  15. That really is very sweet. I wonder if he got a chance to meet the family after that! On topic, it appears Laura's only impact on my area is a very pleasant breeze, which I'll take and gladly!
  16. Everything seems to be scooting past us to the northwest so far. It's muggy as all get-out in NE GA this morning. Good day for a slow cooker meal.
  17. Regardless of what she does, I guess it's best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Looks like I'll be adding a few items to my shopping list tomorrow...
  18. I wouldn't mind enduring a little thunder and wind if the rain will cool us off a bit. Friday it got all scary-looking and thundery here, it thundered twice, there was a handful of big fat raindrops, and that's all she wrote. I don't like being teased. 😉
  19. I'll try to win the lottery (only way I could afford to live in Big Canoe which if I recall is a gated community) and move next door so I can have the latest weather info!
  20. We had a rather impressive storm about an hour ago...pea-sized hail, persistent thunder, hammering rain. And one wet and highly distressed cat.
  21. Seems we have a thunderstorm watch until 1 AM, let's hope not.
  22. weather radio goes off, nearly flies out of her chair Well. Tornado watch for my area, until 10 PM. Wasn't expecting that.
  23. I love how they say the warm front will "attempt" to lift northward, like it's off somewhere rubbing its palms together and going "MUHAHAHAHA".
  24. A rainy and maybe-sometimes-thundery night, and a nice fat book to read (The Stand, because the only thing more entertaining than living through a pandemic is reading about one). Sounds like a good night to me. :)
  25. Yeah, fiber's probably the last thing you need to take during scary weather moments...
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