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  1. 70’s the next several days is ridiculous for this time of year! Please old man winter make your presence felt before it’s to late! You can do it!!
  2. Yes lovesnow is definitely sensitive and pessimistic...go back and look at all of this persons post and it’s clear!! No offense just stating the truth!
  3. I believe we might really have something to watch around the February 10th timeframe. Just a good gut feeling about it!!
  4. You know it’s bad when the radar actually shows snow where I am in Dahlonega but yet nothing is falling from the sky not even rain anymore. I saw some porch light snow about a week ago and that has been it all year! With all of this promise this winter...ugh ugh 😑
  5. Steve if I’m wrong I’ll own it but I believe you father of optimism is thinking very hard about sticking a fork in this one!! And if so its all good doesn’t change my appreciation in what you do buddy!! Thanks for all you do again and remember winter IS NOT over yet sure it’s in the top of the seventh but it’s not over and all it takes is one!!
  6. Well Steve regarding the trends you stated you were going to watch for today...as of know what are you seeing in those trends??
  7. Hey Steve...my sister-in-law teaches at Riverside elementary in Suwanee
  8. This could actually be a good thing meaning more precipitation right??
  9. To my eye the simulated NAM radar looks to be pretty accurate to the actual radar at this time. Steve is that a correct observation?
  10. Steve it would not surprise me on bit for myself here in Dahlonega to get no accumulation. I just hope to see flakes fly at least what do you think?
  11. Unfortunately imho you’re going to have to hold out for a surprise. But hey surprises happen!! I’ll be pulling for you.
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