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  1. Thanks, Steve. Hopefully Elon Musk's Starlink - Click Here can soon remedy your internet situation if you don't have access to fiber/cable.
  2. I agree, which is why it's weird Glenn Burns is already putting it out there. He won't talk about snow until flakes are already falling!
  3. It looks like he means to say that next Thursday is setting up for the potential of severe weather.
  4. I'm really hoping the Euro doesn't drop this one like Tom Crean with a 20 point lead.
  5. The Canadian is off its rocker with this one...as usual.
  6. It's the best time of the year. My dad's family is from up there (Popcorn off 76 & Flat Creek).
  7. I’m loving the multiple cold shots on the medium range.
  8. Yes the latest NAM looks great for us in the city! At least I can go to sleep excited before the inevitable model swing and crushing disappointment
  9. Not much change in the GFS for Monday & still not picking up the 2nd system...at all. Euro is up next.
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