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  1. Just to think: a couple weeks ago everyone was ready to stick a fork in winter. Since then we have had a fun little overproducing system come through and now have a chance for more! Now many well known guys (James Spann, Glenn Burns, etc.) are saying winter is far from over! Just goes to show how nuts winter is here in the south.
  2. We’re already back up to 30 here in Athens. Probably just gonna be another cold rain by the time moisture actually gets here. Sigh...
  3. Athens has a special weather statement so far. Is this gonna be another one of those situations where ATL gets a couple inches and Athens gets nothing (again)?
  4. This rollercoaster sure has a lot of big drops in it...
  5. Every time I think Athens is gonna get totally missed, you throw me a bone lol my heart can't take the suspense
  6. Any chance Athens might get in on the watch, or will we just have to hold out for a surprise?
  7. Hey Steve, although this is the first year I've followed the forums this closely, I was wondering. Has there ever been this much flip flopping of models and disagreement between meteorologists/weather fanatics before? It seems to me that this winter has not only been hectic as far as model disagreement/prediction vs. reality, but also between forcasters themselves. Even through it all I love learning about the weather and seeing different opinions.
  8. Did anyone see Firsthand weather's newest article??? He's certainly the most bullish as far as forcasts go (Athens getting 2-5 inches???) but hey I'd absolutely love it 🤣
  9. Okay, I have absolutely no scientific/meteorological reasons to support this, but, going by experience, when the NWS forcasts low amounts of snow, we get much much more ( I generally think back to 2009,10,11. Athens would get predicted to get next to nothing and two of those years we got 6+ inches in my backyard). This might just be wishful thinking, but them forcasting low amounts makes me MORE optimistic!
  10. Out of curiosity, what makes it so hard? I've never heard anyone explain it before and would love to know why.
  11. It sounds like a repeat of last year where ATL got a good storm and we got (yet another) cold rain with a flurry or two right at the end that melted by lunchtime.
  12. To which snow gods do I have to make a sacrifice to get some snow in Athens?? 🤣🤣
  13. It hit 39 in Athens at about 3 PM and we haven't moved since.
  14. Temperature in Athens has risen slightly from 39 to 41. Come on cold air! I wanna see at least something other than cold rain this time!
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