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  1. So....digital and we hope that we don't lose power! Not even going to try to zoom teach on my phone!
  2. Surprised we are not hearing school announcements...
  3. Starting to get emails from GCPS admin about having kids take devices home that they normally keep at school. Looks like possibly a digital day. Can not imagine they will send kids to school on the buses since the peak is 6AM-noon.
  4. I think they said we were switching March 1....wonder if its a roll out system.
  5. Just got an email from my GCPS principal telling us to make sure we took our computers home in case of cyber day...I assume the threat is black ice.
  6. So what happened? why do we have so much more than predicted? Is it still going to turn to rain? Holding at 32 in Dacula. Had to send husband out to pick up daughter- gym finally decided to close and I am NOT driving in it. He said Braselton/124 is pretty bad headed towards Old Peachtree.
  7. Just got back from driving my daughter to the gym on 85 between exits 111 and 120. Overpasses are starting to see a little sticking along the edges. Definite sticking on the hot lanes where no cars are driving. So a snow plow on Lawrenceville-Suwannee right at Old Peachtree.
  8. Just started flaking in Dacula near 85.
  9. 28 here in Hamilton Mill/Dacula- its a beautiful sunrise!
  10. My dad is in Plant City in Hillsborough county...they are putting up plywood today after it didn't make that east turn. Waiting to hear if they are going to ride it out or head up our way.
  11. LOL....I had to hunt down the link for this site-haven't been here since the last winter storm! GCPS has sent out all their precautionary digitial learning day emails to staff...seems a little overkill to me!
  12. Soooo....does the shift mean we are more likely to see affects here locally? Atlanta metro? It had seemed previously with Florida landfall we were pretty much cleared.
  13. Augh....we are in the process of getting estimates after our basement flooded around Christmas time. We paid 25k to finish our basement 7 years ago and so far each company has quoted us about that much to fix the issues. Praying we can keep the water out this time- at least all the carpet is already ripped out!
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