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  1. The more snow laid down over the US, the better chance for us. Most of the time it is the cold we lack, not moisture.
  2. Bamwx is saying mid December will have a -AO and lots of cold for most of the U S. sounds promising
  3. STEVE After posting my Post on Why I love snow i found multiple typing mistakes. Problem is there is no option to Edit the post?
  4. Why I like Snow- by Ricky Fall is over and most of the leaves have fallen. The southern winter has begun and soon the roads and fields are muddy as we get our winter rains. The trees are bare and it is gloomy many days with a definite knowledge of many days to go. The more days we experience like this the stronger we feel the need of a cleansing, a covering, a way to see the beauty we are missing every day in our lives. You see day in and day out time goes on and chance happens to all. Things will be what they will be But in the middle of all those things we cannot change, and they
  5. You are welcome--- 😝 https://www.resortcams.com/mountain-cams/
  6. Steve No one is talking much of the severe possibilities with these systems. I know there is some sheer down my way. Your thoughts for S Ga?
  7. Good rains down here in East /S central Ga. still raining this morning. My wife was on call last night for Hospice, so I got up at 4am and rode with her to Richland which puts me at I-95 corridor near Savannah. Maybe the light snow will begin Monday afternoon and the kids can see it, instead of overnight
  8. Sigh.......... I love winters in Georgia πŸ˜‚
  9. I liked the looks earlier in the week for sure. I don’t like counting on elevation for accumulation. That means a miss for most of N Ga. Cold and cloudy is just dreary. Flakes falling makes it much more exciting
  10. Southern Folks and SNOW ........ πŸ˜‡ Hilarious
  11. A good recap for us who get confused about Miller A vs Miller B https://glenallenweather.com/alink/18snow/stormtypes.htm
  12. I was just noticing this. Did Cranky leave Twitter? What a strange guy
  13. Last Run by GFS brings sanity, or cruelness ....So we WAIT TO THE NEXT
  14. I think this is my Aunt , Seriously
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