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  1. Fatality in Cherokee county at a mobile home park. Tree fell on the home.
  2. Meanwhile back at the motel—- Ray Stevens ditty..... lol Dull Metter is getting wind about 10-20 gusting to 30. Clouds rolling on through
  3. Zeta up to 110mph , just 2-3 hours from N Orleans
  4. Little info from the Ms coast that is very concerning. Some schools , like Ocean Springs and a few more were in session and were dismissing at 12. This is when tropical storm conditions expected by 3-4pm. Never heard any school system under hurricane warnings holding school. That there tells me this area is not prepared for Zeta
  5. This is storm #8( i think) that you can classify as a RI . The last two have been most impressive to me. HWRF is hinting at 968mb before it moves onshore. That could possibly push it near Cat3, though I wonder if the winds catch up with the pressure before it slams into MS... What a year in weather, and it is not over yet.
  6. If you live in N Georgia you better be prepared.
  7. Latest update at 5 am. Expecting a Cat 2 , 100mph with 6-9 feet storm surge Ms coast and wind damage well inland due to Zeta fast movement
  8. So should i( be sleeping) , but I have family all along the Ms and Al coast. Very impressive RI from Zeta last 6 hours. She might be close to 100mph next advisory
  9. Cheaha state park should be a fun place to be in N East Al. At that elevation the winds should be screaming
  10. Joe Bastardi tweeting about MJO stalling in a phase and said it has never happened before in October. Can you explain the gist of what he is saying and what “could” be the difference, or has been the difference in our weather?
  11. Delta upgraded to Cat 1 - 7:45pm
  12. Seeing where Mikes Weather is saying that Gamma and whatever it amounts to is basically determining how far west Delta will go and why the coni is so wide in the 5 day. If gamma falls apart Delta will be more to the eastern side of the cone. If gamma influenced Delta it goes more west
  13. 1983 Mobile bay froze over Christmas and the low in Mobile was near 0. I worked out in it at a full serve gas station from can to can’t that Saturday. The high was was just in the upper teens or lower 20 ‘s and we had people lined up to the road waiting to put antifreeze in. Most then just used water in their vehicles or a mixture and were scared to death their cars would overheat( and many did)
  14. Gfs is hinting at a tropical system out of the Caribbean. Pretty nasty at that. It has kept introducing it off and on. With the big cool down and the movements of overall circulation what are you thoughts here?
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