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  1. Cold shots look like a lock the next 5-15 days, let’s see if we get some systems to meet up!
  2. Icon looked good, for NC! Kind of like NAM
  3. Yeah, a lot of moving pieces, I’m always concerned about cold air feed/arrival, that’s a stout high, but..
  4. Yeah, the 18z Euro didn’t help at all! Model madness!
  5. Another over performing rain event, I’ll pass! The GFS 12z has a copious rain producer again, next week, like flooding type rains, again!
  6. Euro still suppressed! Hard to get excited about this threat! Either suppressed or rain, seems to be the 2 choices, I’d rather have suppressed, if no snow!
  7. Only 7 days out, I think that’s good!
  8. I love seeing the models showing snow to my S, at long leads!!
  9. Can’t get it to post, but the 18z RGEM hammers NGA as well with snow! I think there will be some suprises for y’all and somebody outside the high mountains of GA see 3”+, in my opinion! All models are increasing moisture and the precip is already forming in AL! Ahead of schedule??
  10. The earlier the better! If y’all could get it around 6-8AM and get that into the Upstate SC area by 9, that’d be great!
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