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  1. How about the roads tomorrow? I live in Pickens a ways off the highway and I’d like to not wind up in a ditch on my ride home tomorrow 😂
  2. I’m already packing my emergency kit to carry to work Thursday. Ever since getting stuck for 11 hours back in snowmageddon I’m extremely leery of scenarios when I’m told “the moisture will be gone by the time the cold gets here.” The roads may be fine, but better safe than sorry!
  3. What sort of time frame are we looking at? I wouldn’t mind having to leave work early here in Pickens 😆
  4. Right at 4 inches in Jasper and still coming down hard, big flakes. How much longer can we expect the moisture?
  5. An ADDITIONAL 2-4 inches possible! Loving this!
  6. Up to about 2 inches now. Still coming down hard!
  7. About an inch accumulated so far in Jasper. Still coming at a good clip
  8. Coming down good in Pickens county!
  9. Brief little snow shower in Pickens county about ten minutes ago
  10. Wow, wasn’t expecting a winter weather advisory. More moisture lingering later than they anticipated?
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