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  1. Are we looking at individual cells still being possible??
  2. Crazy to think we could get supercells in front of a QLCS with embedded tornadoes
  3. Is this threat becoming more likely as of this evening?
  4. Do you think Dahlonega sees snow tongiht?
  5. We still looking good for some snow showers tonight?
  6. Did anyone think the recent NAM for Saturday looked like some heavy snow early am?
  7. I refuse to even get slightly excited about what the models show next week but ughhh it’s beautiful
  8. I wouldn’t have said anything about it but all 3 models showing almost the same exact storm made me open my mouth
  9. At least we got to see some flakes fall.. looking long range we have another shot at least pretty soon
  10. How much longer are we expecting precipitation to last in Lumpkin?
  11. I’m currently at 45 with a 33 dew point. Is this good?
  12. Been gone for a minute, how we liking tomororw?
  13. So how are you feeling this evening? Still pretty low confidence?
  14. From Dahlonega, what would be the best drive to see some good snow tomorrow?
  15. That brings me some more snow so I’m cheering for it now too
  16. King, feeling more confident for lumpkin seeing snow tomorrow?😊
  17. How do you feel about the top 2 rows today? Definitely at least see snow falling?
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