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    Welcome to the brand new North Georgia WX weather discussion site!

    This site is part of a family of websites and social media sites that will become an integrated source of weather information. I will eventually take the best from all my sites and bring them all together here. I had several goals in mind about the requirements for the site, and here are a few of those:

    • Ease of use and better user engagement
    • Tight integration with social media
    • The ability to combine a forum, blogs, and premium content all in one place
    • Give the users the ability to control their own notifications so they always have the latest weather information.
    • Robust media capabilities
    • Provide the users with tools that will allow them to manage what they see
    • Give certain groups the ability to make their own blog post, polls, and image galleries
    • A mobile version so you'll never be out of touch
    • Remove the vulnerability of placing all my eggs in one basket with Facebook

    There are many more reasons why this will be a great environment, and as time goes on, I'll be exploring all of those.

    For now, everything is a work in progress. This is all brand new and I'm still getting things figured out. The various bits and pieces you find here may or may not work, such as certain menu items, some links, subscriptions, etc. It's all on my list. I would like to bring a few items from DaculaWeather.com over for convenience, as well as get the integrated Facebook/Google logins working (requires me to purchase a SSL certificate). Again, a very large work in progress, so in the meantime, I decided "why not allow people to come and play and see what they think".

    There is a pinned post in the Weather Discussion forum for you to provide feedback for me.  When you sign up,  you become part of the "Member" group which has certain rights/restrictions, and I will talk more about those and my thoughts on subscriptions in a blog post. I will move a few people up in levels to see if the groups are working correctly. We'll get this figured out as we go! In the meantime, have fun!


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