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    • Honestly, the paint was perfect when I took it to the place to have it done. The car only had about 12,000 miles on it (only 16,700 right now) so he had to do very little correction.  I use GTechniq Quick Detailer and the citrus wash. So far I like there products and the car looks awesome. I had two people come up to me at the BMW autocross and ask me if I just washed it before I got there. 🙂 I said, no, it just stays that way. 🙂 It also stays in a garage.   
    • Which areas of the car was it the most difficult to correct the paint? I have to assume your car is free of all scratches and swirls? What products do you use to maintain the exterior?
    • And go figure. This morning I got the GoPro, pressed the power button and it turned on. 😡 I have no idea.
    • After watching the videos, the power sounds different after 4-5 runs. Either air in the intercooler, which is common and easy to fix, or there is a leak in the intercooler piping. The hoses are clamped on and can come loose, so another thing to consider. 
    • These are the new wheel/tire weights.  While the entire combination of wheel/tire increased, the increases were relatively minor. The front wheels, despite being larger, were lighter than the original OEM wheels. The new rear wheels are much wider and larger diameter, but only 0.4 lbs heavier than OEM. The greatest part of the weight increase came from the tires, but I'll take that for what I've gotten in return. 
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    • Yeah that's the monster gulf low you have been looking for in the 12z GFS today way out in fantasy land! Not that it means anything at this point but it will be interesting if the 18z run and the subsequent days continue with the same general pattern it is hinting at in that time frame. There are some warm days in between now and then as expected but I am encouraged not to see any too concerning signs of the SE Ridge showing up. 
    • 15th-20th shaping up to be our first real window at a region wide threat for the SE. Finally starting to see some 1030+ highs move across with those ULL's. Could be 2-3 storms in that window, we just need 1 to work out. Doesn't seem like too much to ask lol. But we know how things go around here. First things first, let's get the window itself inside 10 days to see if it's even real or just a mirage eternally hanging out at the end of the models. 
    • Speaking of, I was just commenting on the sheer destruction this would cause if realized. Micrograin of salt that far out, but it has been consistent for a week now. 
    • Good morning! Hope everyone enjoyed the weather yesterday, because today is not going to be quite as nice. Rain is knocking on our doorstep this morning and it looks like most of the day will be rainy. On the morning map (500 mb winds and isobars/temps) you can see the upper level low that is pushing off to the northeast, and the area of rain that it is generating will continue moving our direction, and by later this evening the whole area will have pushed off to the east.    Our rain chances today will be relatively light with 0.5"-1.5" of rain expected across north Georgia. These are the forecast rain totals through 7 am Saturday morning.    The upper air pattern is very progressive and we end of seeing wave after wave passing by our area. One of these days one of these upper level lows is going to bring us a present. 🙂 It's been a long time since I've seen so many upper level lows on a map. Here's the GFS through the 20th. And the Euro through the 14th   This is the NAM's simulated radar of the precipitation for today. This runs from 4 am today through 7 am Saturday.      Here's a look at the Euro and GFS. This image shows the thickness values and to have a chance for snow, we want to see "blue" lines over us, and when some of these lows pass through we get those here. But we're not seeing any big push of cold to go along with these right now, so we just get little shots. But you will see the very slight chance of some wrap around moisture Monday as the upper low swings through. There is also a lack of moisture to work with. Recording #267.mp4   Looking at the temps around Big Canoe this morning, it looks like everyone is mid 40's to start the morning. There are some light winds around at the moment, but those will be picking up as the morning progresses.    According to the NAM, those winds will begin picking up from the south-southwest this morning. This image starts at 1 am and goes through Sunday at 1 pm. Again, these are 925 mb winds so folks with southern facing exposures in the mountains are going to be feeling this.  The Christmas Boat Parade Saturday evening here in Big Canoe should be able to go on with out any worries about rain, but it will be a little cold, so dress warmly if you're going out to watch or participate.  Temperatures will start in the mid to low 40's and drop to the upper 30's by the time the parade ends.   All in all, it's relatively quiet with no big systems for us to talk about at the moment. We need to give the atmosphere a little more time to move toward winter before we start to see any real winter weather chances pop up for us. Patience. 🙂  I was speaking with meteorologist Chris Robbins yesterday and he likes our winter weather chances. Hopefully I can get Chris to come and make a few post/comments this winter. Chris is an independent meteorologist that use to work for the Atlanta and Dallas NWS offices, the NHC, and the National Severe Storms Laboratory as well as several other NWS organizations. His website is here: https://www.iweathernet.com/ I really hope I can talk Chris into giving his winter weather 2 cents worth here.  His areas of expertise are: Winter Storm Climatology and Dynamics Advanced Winter Weather Forecasting Techniques Winter Weather Impacts and Decision Support Freezing Rain Prediction and Impacts Cold Air Damming Events in the Southern Appalachians – Prediction and Impacts Heavy Rain Events Severe Convection Mesoscale Convective Complexes High Wind Events Rare Meteorological Events That's it for today. The rain will be a minor inconvenience today but by later this evening it should be gone for the most part. Hope everyone has a great Friday!
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