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    • At least living in Texas I am used to this unpleasantness. 
    • Hey Ricky!  We've headed over to Wheeler State Park in Alabama for a "Looper" Fall Rendezvous. It's a 3 day conference and there will be 25-30+ looper boats (some currently looping, others past loopers) there where you can tour and talk to the owners. I was waiting until then to "actively" start searching for a boat. I have a good idea what I'm looking for, but I'd really like to get on a few of these boats and talk with the owners about what they like, dislike, and what they would change abou
    • Steve Have you made any progress on your dream trip? It was so interesting reading of your childhood and your dad. I was not blessed to to be a part of such a lifestyle, though I wouldn’t trade the love I had at home with Dad and Mom and the spiritual background they installed in me.  I have always had a mind that was full of imagination, loved to read. Louis La’mour was one of my favorite authors and I lived through his writings. I will look forward to your writings and descriptions to d
    • No, I will still keep track of the weather here and make posts as necessary. But I'll have to track the weather in two locations instead of one! 🙂
    • Happy for you it sounds great. does this mean the weather is really gonna be put on hold? i really miss having my morning while reading your posts.
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